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A few pics :)

Hello everyone!

I have a few pics for you. They are all small plants that don't show anything special right now, but I'm hoping to do a "before and after" thread after a few months. So anyway, here they are!

Dischidia pectinoides:



(Look at all those flowers!!! )

A ginger plant that I got last year, died back and appeared dead for more than 6 months, and started to grow again last month. It produces a violet inflorence which is very pretty.


My musa velutina.
Still small, but It has produced a 4 new leaves since I got it.


A heliconia rostrata that I got a few days before the musa. It has a purple stem and has red hanging inflorence when it gets bigger. Mine has made 2 new leaves since I got it, and I think that It's going to take a while to make the flowers.


I'll post more pics once the plants get bigger.


How old is that dischidia? All/Most of my seeds have germinated... They all look really healthy!
I see some of your CP in the background nice photos I like the Dischidia pectinoides can you take cutings of it and maby we can trade if you can


I don't know how old that plant is, but I'm guessing that it's a year or 2 old. I got it in late March/early April, so I've had it for roughly 2 months now. I'm giving it lots of sunlight (3hr direct sun and shade the rest of the day) so that's probably why it has so many flowers on it. I'm gonna move it to a shadier spot once I have a shadehouse up.


I have lots of seedlings from this plant, so I might be able to trade with you. They aren't very big right now, but many of them have started to make their first true leaves. I'll see if I can post a pic of of the seedlings today so you can see what I'm talking about.

so maby you can message me when there reddy to trade

Hey Joel,

Great pics--especially the 'after' one for the Dischidia. Though not intended, it's also nice being able to see neighboring plants, e.g., the colorful nep pitchers in pic 1. Thanks for sharing!