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A capensis question

My capensis seems to have built itself up out of its soil, and is looking pretty spindly atop a pile of dead leaves. How do I remedy this?

I have a dome coming from PFT and I'm thinking of repotting it into this, and then getting it a little more light. Do I bury the plant up to the new leaves?

I usually bury the stem up the the leaves that are green.
I do the same, though, sometimes I carefully clip off the dead leaves near to the stem, about 8-10mm before repotting with the old stem burried up to the level of the nice live leaves.
In The Savage Garden, D'Amato says that you can cut off the crown of leaves and allow it to produce offshoots further down the stem. I imagine that the many growing points would make a stunning plant.
I have tried cutting off the growing point. THough the plant comes back with nearly it's past full size almost immediately, both times I tried it only one growing tip resulted from the procedue. The plus of course is that you can replant the rest of it and get another plant.

I accidentally burned the growing tip of my capensis using too strong a concentration of Orthene. The tip turned black and shortly after, I had two growing tips
My capensis decided that two heads are better than one and started a new growing tip below its current one. Don't know why it did this. The original growing tip is still healthy.
How about turning 2 heads into 4? that's be cool!