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a BIG thanks to you all

My spath is turning red!!!! This was one of my main goals in growing carnivorous plants and I would have never been able to do it without this forum. You all have not only saved a lot of plants lives but relieved me of my ignorance. Thank you all, especially Tamlin and Pyro for the two liter and lighting advice. Shauntell
A nice thing about learning these skills is that they may be applied to many other plants with similar culture! I love this forum because it gives me a chance to help increase the skills of new growers! At the same time, I am learning how to grow more demanding plants from other growers all over the world that have these skills in place. It's a fantastic community full of generosity and good will. Before the internet, exchanges like this were impossible. Before the internet ( in 1983 B.I.) it took a month to send a letter to Australia and as long for a reply. By the time advice arrived on a cultural problem, the plant was often dead. As for getting new species, in the 80's I was lucky to add 5 new species to my collection a year, and that was *working* on it. Forums like this are a huge blessing, and I would like to add my thanks to Phill and Jaie for affording us this chance to learn and share.

Thanks to you as well for wanting to learn to do it right. CP's need good stewards these days! At the present rate of habitat erosion, good stewards are these species best bet for survival. So I hope that you, and many others, will continue the chain of generosity and goodwill along with the task of promoting the plants and educating others on how to grow them. Keep the ball rolling, and posterity will thank you. We cannot allow these marvellous plants to become just photos in a book.
Shauntell, could you possibly teach me the things you learned on how to turn your spath red?? I am getting my spath anyday now and I want to know how. The only thing I know how to turn red is VFTs. Thanks!
Yeah, that reminds me, thanks difinately need to go to Phil and Jaie. Without you guys I definately would have a lot of dead plants on my hands.

Tamlin, I'm glad you read this cuz I definately wanted to thank you. I hope to be as good at this as you someday and am definately looking forward to moving on to harder species and hope to do something like Mike King someday.

Ryan, the tip that Tamlin gave me and it definately worked was to take a two liter and cut off the bottom of it and put it over the plant to boost humidity cuz I live in a real dry place. I cut it off to where there's only enough room to cover the pot adn it doesn't interfere with the flowers because they grow up in to the part where it thins out. The other biggy was light. I didn't have enough and that's where Pyro came in and told me about the lights that he uses. There's a topic under green houses and terrariums called light for a wide array of light loving plants or something like that. There's a lot of good info under that including the info that Pyro gave me. I have 2 40 watt 48" t-12 tubes at 12" away. The other thing that Tamlin told me is to trim off the dead leaves. Cuz it creates this gas that they don't like and basically every little bit helps. That info is under leaves turning brown under in the sundew forum. Sorry, I hope this makes since and helps. Shauntell