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3 blue bladderworts

G'Day everyone,

Three of my blue flowered Utricularias have decided to open up for me in the last few days. I took a few shots tonight and thought you all might want a look.

Firstly, a nice closeup of U. uniflora-


Next, a double flowered scape of U. warburgii-


And finally a single flower of U. pubescens-

U. pubescens3.JPG

I hope you like them.

Hi again,

Does anybody out there grow this species? If so what conditions do you grow the plant in and how well does it grow for you? I want to compare to my growing conditions as I have never been able to find much information on this species.


Hi Seandew,

I will be no help to you as of yet. Although I am trying to get my hands on these. I just wanted to comment on your wonderful pictures. You have a talent with a camera. The U. pubescens surely has that hint of blue. Fantastic.
I have U. uniflora and U. pubescens. I have not flowered either but a customer flowered U. uniflora only after a few months. I suspect because I am frequently yanking pieces off to propagate, this is delaying flowering.

I have them potted in primarily peat with a little medium grade silica sand. They get overhead watered nearly every day from the sprinkler system and sit on a bench which holds only a thin layer of water. So they are pretty wet but not 'boggy' or submerged. They both have grown very well for me.
The first flower is very pretty, I think I'll get some of that plant ASAP.
I grow all these species. I keep them all in tray watering on a wet to dry (more wet than dry) cycle. U. uniflora grows slowly, but has flowered for me, in fact, it's doing that right now. I suspect that like other U. dichotoma forms this would respond to life as a subaffixed aquatic, but haven't experimented along those lines yet.

U. warburgii behaves much like an annual for me: grows thick and well with many numerous rosettes, flowers, and dies back to almost nothing, leaving but a few rosettes in the pot. I think this one needs frequent repotting.

U. pubescens grows well for me but WILL NOT flower. It has never flowered for me....maybe I need to switch deodorants or something :-( OF the 3 species, this one is the most problematical: it thrives and wanes without rhyme or reason that I can find. I have grown it wet, dry, warm, cool inside and outside. I am considering exposing the plant to a prolonged cold period to see if this might trigger anything other than death of the plant.

I grow all these species in pure rinsed and sifted peat. I have noticed greater growth in the warm months. Plants sit about 8 inches from twin 40 watt grolux tubes in good relative humidity.

That's how I do it :)
None of these flowers look blue to me, they're very pinkish. Why are they reffered to as blue?
Good question LATraphole!

The U. pubescens is probably the bluest of the 3. The pubescens and warburgii tend to start off a deep blue colour but as they grow (yes, the flowers do grow) they tend to lighten up in colour and turn a bit pinkish. The uniflora seems to do the opposite for me. It begins pinkish then turns bluer as it ages.

I do admit that all 3 flowers pictured probably appear more pink than blue. I think the camera also exaggerates the pink too. I find it extremely difficult to get a perfectly accurate color depiction of blue flowers with my camera- especially when a flash is used as it was in these 3 shots. It is very close though

Perhaps I should have entitled the thread "3 bluish bladderworts".