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28 deg tonite...

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The temp is dropping to 28F tonight. Will my sarra' be OK outside in a minibog?
Hey Dyflam,

That was our high here in Atlanta this morning. My minibog looked okay but I guess only time will tell. If you are concerned you might consider tossing a couple layers of hay or pine neddles over it. Or even a couple old blankets.

And if you are feeling really gutsy there is a physics equation that proves it is a good idea to soak you plants in the event of a quick freeze situation. Something about themodynamics and the water on the outside of the plants freezing first and taking away the energetic properties needed to freeze that plants. Not that I have tried it mind you, I just remember it from high school physics
They should be just fine. Mine have survived colder temps for longer periods of time, in pots mind you.
as long as they are mature plants they will be ok. actually the colder temp will be good for there dormancy period. if they are seedlings you might want to bring them in or cover them up w/ something
Well, some came in and some stayed out. It's gonna be another cold one tonight. My mango tree bit the big one I'm afraid. It had some really nice blossoms too. I'm sure there's a few others that didn't survive the night. The bad news is, some plants have died
the good news is, I get to plant some new plants.

Mixed emoticons...
28 is fine for dormant CP's mine went down to -20 in pots and are fine. It was -30 here this morning....I wish we have the 20 and 30 above's coming this way soon!
Dustin, thanks for putting things in perspective for me. Man, you guys have gotten blasted with cold.
Dyflam, just think of where the plants actually grow in the wild. with the ones that grow here in Fl. in the panhandle and i do belive some grow wild in Orlando. the temps in the panhandle get down to the 20 and below all the time in the winter. it is unusual to get that cold here but, it is know to happen.

Dustin, brrrr with you telling us that it brings back memeries of visiting family up there tis time a yr. and if i recall correctly the last time i was up there for winter visit i got stuck there a couple of extra days do to a blizzard.
Everyone up here including me is sick of winter! After the greenhouse freeze and this moring it quit AGAIN, I am welcoming the first high in the 30's supposedly this Wednesday....THANK YOU JET STREAM!
Finally this high presssure should push the stream dip back to normal and off of the eastern US coast. Let's all pray February will be warmer.
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See you guys are having a chill over there. Sarras should be OK as long as they are not exposed to the cold dry wind..
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I lost a third of my plants this winter to the Ravages of the Frost Giants. This is the Fell Winter of 2003 here in NY. The snow is 5 foot deep in my pack yard, and this isn't drifted snow, but flat accumulation. The snowbanks are 7 foot high, and the drifts cover half the first story windows. We have averaged a foot, yes a FOOT, of snow per day for close to a week. I spent 15 manhours with a shovel just to keep the driveway open and the walkway clear. For you glad souls in other countries and warmer states, just to give you a perspective, our first daffodils open around the first to second week of April. Winter is *half* over here. The worst thing is it does no good to weep: the tears just freeze. Man, it's so cold here I will be able to hear myself cursing the winter in the second week of April when my words thaw out and are able to be heard. Right now they are just lying there on top of the snow. Hey Nep G, does your weather report read "-31 below zero, but feels like -40"? I will kill the next out of state person that asks if I have made any snowmen, or worse yet: encourage them to move to NYS.

Sorry for the off topic. I overwinter my sarraceniae at about 35-40F, but occasionally, or frequently this season, the temps are below freezing. So far, all has been well.

Dyflam, I ENVY you that 28F. I would probably have a cookout.
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This winter ahs been the worst to my gh....so many freezes so many plants gone...it does NO good to weep either....I'm surprized if I can shed a tear that DOESN'T freeze! I feel like I am those poor people in Russia who have -50F. I am welcoming the 30 above we are supposed to have this coming Wednesday...let's pray those temps will stay...I am sick of looking at the -15F every fr*gg*ng night on the thermometer!
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Anybody want to envy our low of 53 degrees tonight

Just teasin' y'all!

I'm sittin here typing with a t-shirt on and the window open
Sure feels like summer.
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Argg! I'm moving to CA for the winter! Then I will not loose anymore plants to Mr. snowmeiser!