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2 leaves rotting

Jun 27, 2003
there i 2 traps on my plant that are starting to rot or thats what i think it is the one trap is not dead it can still catch more bugs and its opened has been open for a while the other one is shut but by accident it started by turning yellow now its blakening and spreading. could it be a bug or just rot also my biggest trap on the plant caught a bug a month ago and the trap has not opened yet
Aug 1, 2003
Budd Lake, NJ
Its natural for the older leaves to slowly die off, as long as new leaves are replacing them and no fungus or mold looks like it is growing on it. But it hard to tell without a picture.

On mine what happens, is first the trap stops working, and it slowly turns yellow then brown/black starting at the trap and working its way back down the leaf.


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Jun 21, 2002
Westchester County, New York
Rotting traps are, in my experience, normal (and can be trimmed from the plant), but should be outpaced by new growth. If you don't see any new leaves sprouting from the center, you need to examine your growing conditions.
1) is it getting enough light (preferable sun)?
2) is it getting pure (not tap) water, and the right amount?
3) what do you have it potted in (what kind of soil medium)?
4) check it for pests.
5) what is the temperature where you grow it? If the temp is over 90, do you have it sufficiently humid?

Also, if a traps catches something large, it can take quite a while to digest. A month sounds a little long to me, but as long as it's still green I wouldn't worry.
Check out this link to VFT care courtesy of exotic gardens:
VFT care sheet
Hope this helps!