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Here is the list of Utricularia up for grabs. The number after the plant is how many I have. I want to say a special thanks to Pyro who helped me expand my Utricularia collection.

Two plant limit for now.
USA only please.
when you send the shipping money please tell me your forum name and what plants you want.
Pease post here so I can keep track of what has been spoken for.

U. arenaria 3
U. bisquamata 4
U. blanchetii white 2
U. calycifida 2
U. dichotoma 3
U. dichotoma ‘Turoa NZ’ 3
U. graminifolia 3
U. lateriflora 3
U. livida 6
U. praelonga 3
U. pubescens 2
U. sandersonii 6
U. sandersonii 'blue' 4
U. tridentate 2
U. uliginosa 3
U. welwitschii 3


Jeremiah Harris
712 Columbia Rd
Colorado Springs CO 80904
A U.Graminifolia
and U.Sandersonii blue has been sent for

Thanks plenty Jeremiah this'll be great
i'd like to send postage for a U. blanchetii white and a U. sandersonii 'blue', thanks!
I'd like to get sandersonii 'blue' and welwitschii. I will send postage in the morning. Thanks for doing this!!!
Hey Jermiah, I'd love to take the last U. sandersonii 'blue' and a U. sandersonii

Thanx a million buddy, the sase wil go out first thing in the morning!

You're just in time! I just decided to start looking for some utrics! I'll take a....
U. Sandersonii and a U. Graminifolia. Thanks man! The money will go out today. ^_^
PRAELONGA! i'm interested in U. welwitschii, too.
I would like a U. sandersonii and livida. Postage in the mail today.
Many thanks for your generosity!
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U. arenaria
U. uliginosa

postage will be mailed today. Thanks

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I am interested in U tridentate and U. praelonga. I will send you a check.

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U. uglinosa(the last one) and U. blanchetii white(also the last one).

You are the bomb, of late.


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I am interested in U tridentate and U. praelonga. Sending envelope today.
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If you still have blanchetii, laterifolia, praelonga, pubescens, uliginosa, or welwitschii available, I would like to try some. I saw the 2 plant limit. Since I have none of them, any 2 would be great.
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So far I counted that after you there will be I think 28 plants left! Unless people have been pming him too. But that's still a lot of plants.
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Will be off of the computer for the next 5 days. I will still send out plants and seed but will not be able to answer questions until then.

talk to you later

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I have shipped out all the boxes that I have received shipping for today.

I hope every thing is right let me know if you have any problems.

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Cant wait! than again Jermiah!

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I'd like to put in for any two. Not going to send money until I get a response to see what's available...