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1-2 year old P. vulgaris

i know thats its very early to be asking this question but i got a few 1-2 year old P. vulgaris and i was wondering what age should they be to give them there dormancy .
One year seedlings have also a dormancy despite very small plantlets. It produces small hibernacula.

Each winter temperate Pinguicula need a resting period.

Why do you ask this ?
Hi there,
I have had seedlings from Pinguicula macroceras and Pinguicula grandiflora. I did not give them a dormancy cause my opninion is: these seedlings are to small to survive this. I cultivated them warm and most of them are about 1 inch this year. I think I will seperate them this winter ;-)

Hopefully this is a little help

2 different oppinions , hhhm whata re the results if i don't give them there dromancy , they seem ok to handle dormancy but there so small .

if you might have more seedlings why not trying both?
I tried firsttime to gave my seedlings a dormancy, but lost them (could have been a little to wet, maybe) , then I tried to keep them warm (under growlights in my heating room) and mostly all survive.

But this is only my experience


If your plant doesn't suffer of being without dormancy period, I would say go on.

Here in France, I have no choice as winter can be cold so all temperate (and also 1 year plantlets) have a cold winter and form a hibernacula.

In wild, it is the same as most temperate are moutains plants.

What happen if you don't give a dormancy period to your venus flytrap ?