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  1. J

    Cephalotus clones

    Hey guys started this on a different site and I thought this site mite have some to ad I wanted to start a thread on the different Cephalotus clones that are really out there I know there is only 2 registered but how meny more r there. Can anyone ad to this list 1. "Adrian slack" 2. "Adrian...
  2. Ozzy

    Rodent Pro

    I'm about to place an order for frozen food for my reptiles. Normally I order from Rodenpro.com. I'm looking to buy small and large mice and xxl rats. My question is does anybody know a cheaper (including shipping) place to order from? I'm not opposed to using other animals than rats and...
  3. M

    New baby arrives

    Well, the I finally went and bought the N. tobaica that I've ben wanting for like the last 2 weeks. The store had damaged it a little, but I think it's still in pretty good shape. Here's the whole plant. And here's a crappy pic of a XXL pitcher! Hope you liked em, and hope it really IS a...