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  1. fredg

    Today's menu

    I found a few of my old (forgotten) photos on a CD. these must be 10 years old. 1. Calliphora vomitoria 2. Lucilia sericata / Phaenicia sericata 3. Sarcophaga sp 4. Eupeodes luniger Lucilia sericata / Phaenicia sericata They cleaned up quite nicely
  2. E

    the fabulous flesh fly (pic)

    I attracted this gorgeous flesh fly (Sarcophaga sp.) by putting the remains of a sockeye salmon out on my deck (as part of the “Flyday” series on my blog). These flies aren’t too skittish (at least not when they are feasting on some fine BC sockeye), so photography was straightforward. The Zuiko...
  3. Finch

    Limits to reproductive success of Sarracenia purpurea( -actual- scientific study)

    Came across this, thought i would share for those would be interested (and can read it) http://www.amjbot.org/cgi/content/full/93/11/1660 I dont know if the university connection is allowing me to see the full article or if it is always like that, so just in case here is the thing below.