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  1. F

    Hi from OK!

    Hi everybody! So, I'm a completely new to cp's. I got them for a Latin project, starting researching them, and now I'm really pumped. I have P. morenesis, D. Binata and a Judith Hindle Saraccenia. They all seem to be doing fine, I've got them in a pretty big tub, half peat and half mineral free...
  2. R

    Sarracenia seeds.

    I have just gotten myself a nice little propagating set up, complete with lights, heat mat and chamber and was wandering if anyone knew the most economical way of obtaining saraccenia seeds from the web. I wouldn't mind paying for the postage, but I can't afford to pay the prices many of the...
  3. M

    hello there!

    Hi everyone! im from a tropical country called Malaysia in South East Asia and i love collecting pitcher plants. i hope i can gain knowledge about more carnivorous plants here! anyway, i have:- a) nepenthes bicalcarata b) nepenthes ampullaria c) nepenthes lowii d) nepenthes sanguinea e)...
  4. cmm889

    Cmm889's Growlist

    Dionae Muscipula: VFT typical* VFT Justina Davis* VFT Red Piranha* VFT "1955"* VFT Fused Tooth* VFT Cup Trap* VFT B52* VFT Petite Dragon* VFT Petite Dragon X Jaws* VFT Jaws* VFT Wacky Traps* VFT Crested Petiole* Drosera: D. Venusta* D. Sp. Jacoby D. Scorpioides* D. Adelae D. Pulchella X...
  5. P

    Drosera Intermedia "Manchester"

    I have several plants of Drosera intermedia Manchester in my zone 5-6 outdoor bog garden are they hardy enough to make it? I have overwintered Dionea and all Saraccenia species but flava. ???
  6. D

    bought new plants today

    they look healthy and ok . The plant store got them today. another venus trap and a Saraccenia Purpurea :) <a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v194/dimgr/dscn4441.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>...