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  1. goldtrap2690

    Night blooming cactus cuttings

    hey , my night blooming cactus grew too big so i had to make cuttings out of it and relocate it to a new location where it can grow freely . i have about 7 cuttings that i made and will grow when you plant them in soil . this is the cactus that has large beautiful blooms at night time and if...
  2. G

    A michigan fen

    Attached are some pictures from a local fen.  I also posted pictures from my visit in the Conservation Station, Pitcher Plants, Sundews and Utricularia forums. Several Utricularia were in bloom during my visit. Utricularia cornuta grwing on a marl flat. Utricularia macrorhiza Utricularia...
  3. S

    Seeking utric cornuta

    I am looking for the 'plain Jane' Utric. cornuta for my outdoor bog. I have sarracenia rosea seed to trade. I am new to Utrics so any help would be appreicated. Am I unleashing a monster on my bog? Thanks in advance, Brooks, Atlanta
  4. T

    Arial bladders

    Here is a photo of some arial bladders that formed on the "leaves" of Utricularia cornuta.  This is a good example of how undifferentiated the above ground "leaves" and underground "stolons" really are.  These bladders have never been below the substrate.
  5. T

    Utricularia nephrophylla

    Yes, you read this right. I must have 7 scapes poking up out of my small pot of this species. I hear this is another that rarely flowers, so I am feeling good about it. I have never seen this one in flower! Plants were grown without an alternating wet/dry cycle, and have been kept wetter than...
  6. swords

    New to Utrics, went on a shopping spree

    Hi folks, Yesterday I received the following terrestrial utrics: U. sandersonii U. cornuta U. simplex U. caerulea U. livida U. tricolor I mixed up a peat/sand planting medium and put it in 4" clear deli containers (so I can eventually see the bladders in the soil) at the moment the containers...