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  1. E

    DIY remote controlled LED fixture

    Index Part 1 - DIY LED fixture (this post) Part 2 - Custom PCB and electronic components Part 3 - Software overview Part 1 - DIY LED fixture I'm in the process of assembling a DIY LED grow light fixture that is remotely and automatically controlled (MySGrowLED) and I thought that it may be...
  2. BioZest

    Grow Tent!

    Hi guys! I've long been interested in setting up a grow tent, and with money from christmas (thank you relatives :-D) I will be setting one up. I currently have a 30 gallon setup, but I want to get this tent so that I can 1. grow more plants 2. grow bigger plants 3. have a more stable setup...
  3. Oregoncp

    Oregoncp's 10x12 Harbor freight greenhouse adventures

    Let me proceed this by saying I am a horrible forum poster. But I am going to give this a go, to chronicle my new 10x12HFGH. I have wanted a greenhoing use for years (probably close to 12). I have always been held back by a lack of usable space to install a GH. About a week ago I finally...
  4. M

    Humidity and temperature sensor

    Hi I'm looking to get some reliable measuring equipment for my greenhouse, can some one point me in the right direction? I was thinking of maybe putting together an arduino measuring station - has any had much success with these? thanks!
  5. D

    Greenhouse Monitoring & Control with a Microcontroller called Arduino: My experiences

    Greenhouse Monitoring & Control with a Microcontroller called Arduino: My experiences Hello, Sorry for not doing a separate forum post (too much time): http://www.auscps.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=2093&forum=5&post_id=5718#forumpost5718 I'm able to reply here for convenience...
  6. A

    So I'm working on a controller

    So I made a ~$40 controller I recently began learning to program the Arduino, a useful little microcontroller. The code is very easy to learn, and so in just a couple weeks I am already working on a few simple games. My plan is to create a controller for terrariums and greenhouses using the...
  7. BioZest

    Techno Greenhouse :awesome:

    Hey guys! While I was mindlessly roving throughout the internet I came across this:super automated greenhouse. It's a really interesting article about these guys who are trying to make an automated greenhouse using sensors and Arduino. For those of you who don't know, Arduino is basically a...
  8. kwende

    I'm such a nerd

    Some of you may find this interesting, some of you might find it somewhat overly nerdy; but I thought it was kind of interesting. I'm a software developer by trade and have started playing around with microprocessors and the like and recently purchased an Arduino and a bunch of electronic...