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  1. B

    Nepenthes for Sarras

    Update All the plants have been traded. Thanks to everyone! Hi everyone! I have 2 rooted cuttings of N. tentaculata and 1 rooted cutting of N. Ampulara Harlequin that I am looking to trade for some sarracennias that I don't have yet. The Neps are in 3 inch pots, I cut them about 4-5 months ago...
  2. B

    branurenner grow list

    Nepenthes Tentaculata Miranda Lowii Ampulara Harlequin Mirabillis var echinostoma Isumae X trusmendiensis Alba Ventricosa Hamata Mimosa Anubus Drosera Capensis Binata Multiformata Proliferia Adalae Dionea...
  3. CP30

    Cp30's list

    THIS LIST IS MORE THAN 5 YEARS OUTDATED, UNFORTUNATELY MY COLLECTION IS SIGNIFICANTLY SMALLER AND LESS DIVERSE I plan to updated 12/2014 - THE BUG IS BACK, THE ITCH RENEWED! Underlined words are linked to pictures please PM with any correction to spelling or cultivars (or anything else!)...