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    cactus tempratures

    does anyone know if cactus will survive night tempertures in the 20's i want to put my cactus that are in my terrarium in my shed but i dont know if they will surrive in that cold of weather.
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    How many bugs....

    in everyones terrariums how many people have a problem with bugs in the house.
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    cactus disease

    there is 2 problems i have with 2 diffrent cactus 1 i have a cactus that i had about a year now and on one side is a copper color iregular shaped mark almost the size of a penny. its not rot because its not soft. its in a pot about 4 or 5 inches deep and 3.5 inches wide. i water about once a...
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    2 leaves rotting

    there i 2 traps on my plant that are starting to rot or thats what i think it is the one trap is not dead it can still catch more bugs and its opened has been open for a while the other one is shut but by accident it started by turning yellow now its blakening and spreading. could it be a bug or...
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    About winter dormancy temp

    ok this is what im going to buy for my vft im going to get a 5 1/2 or maybe a 10 gallon fish tank i was going to fill it with peat about 4 or 5 inches and burry my vft in their pots in the peat so it would look like there not in a pot or should i just plant them in the peat without a pot but...
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    Fertilizing small catus

    i have about 12 small cactus no bigger then a foot and some of them look like they are being affected by the fertilizer im usaing. im using a 2 7 7 cactus fertilizer supposed to be for all cactus and succulents i only fertilze once a month the directions say for indoor cactus 7 drops for every...