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    Hello all, I was wondering are there any side effects when you water your VFT with faucet water? Just wondering because I recently got a VFT and I put it in a tray filled with faucet water.
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    Curling Sundews

    Hey all, I was wondering does D. Aliciae curl up around its victims once they landing upon the leafblade? Thanks. (Edited by hplants03 at 9:48 pm on April 23, 2002)
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    Hey all, I need serious help because my VFT is starting to die. It seemed all fine when it came out of dormancy. Then a couple of weeks later, the leaves began turning yellow and the trap started to get effected by turning yellow and then black. And now the trap that produced fine are getting...
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    Cobra Lily

    Hey all, I was wondering why does the Cobra Lily only grow in the state Oregon? Why can't they grow anywhere else?