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  1. Carito

    First time here in 5 years!!!

    I remember you to Jimscott! What happened to Bugweed? You know, years ago---- I MAILED him $20.00 for some plants- only to never hear back from him again hahahha
  2. Carito

    First time here in 5 years!!!

    yes!!! i'm so glad to see some people remember!!! and YES- i used to name each and every one of my VFTs!! They were my favourite carnivourous plants. I even met up with Larry, I remember, and we toured a greenhouse where we saw more VFT... We even had INDIAN food that day I remember... Larry...
  3. Carito

    First time here in 5 years!!!

    It's my first time here in 5 years!! I used to be a madly active poster! I wonder how everyone is doing? I wonder if the same people from 5 years ago are still here????
  4. Carito

    my thai-imported Betta (pure platinum white, gold dragon, red dragon...)

    yes, the first time i heard of a betta "sorority", i laughed extremely hard. it is VERY cute. they all interact with each other. they are not like platies or generic community fish, they are very quirky and explore their environments and each other. oh, and i also learned this year "Betta"...
  5. Carito

    my thai-imported Betta (pure platinum white, gold dragon, red dragon...)

    Thank you for the warm responses. I did not know fish like these existed, either. I thought the local Petsmart/Petco bettas were about as pretty as they get. The double-tail is a rare trait but many breeders breed hordes of fish with the trait to get a few babies with the trait, so it's...
  6. Carito

    How the heck do I repot??? Will he live???

    it should be fine, i was surprised at how hardy the venus fly traps were. they are cute and hardy! one major lesson learned while i was a newbie was PATIENCE- once i bought a $5 pot of cute venus fly traps from Walmart, the next day SPLIT THE PLANT INTO 4 sections, and repotted them!!!! THE...
  7. Carito

    Does R/O water cycle faster or longer?

    This is an ancient post, and I don't know if the original starter of this thread will actually even read this, but the following is some crucial information: 1. CYCLING IS INEVITABLE--- buying "special" water won't expedite the time, R/O, Spring water, established aquarium water from your...
  8. Carito

    my thai-imported Betta (pure platinum white, gold dragon, red dragon...)

    This forum section here is dead for a few days, hehehe... so I will post my betta splendens collection up: imported from Thailand via Aquabid.com (i highly recommend Nicebettas, she's SO sweet and likes to give deals to her buyers, her name is Vinita) "milk" "cloud" unnamed- HE'S A...
  9. Carito

    Minibog pics for Jimscott

    very beautiful. pleasant. how often do you water? is there drainage at the bottom?
  10. Carito

    NOOO! Why god why? DEAD DEAD DEAD!

    this is an old post, but made me very sad to hear it. it was very awful/gross you had to endure that... i hope you have a flourishing tank of fish now...
  11. Carito

    Puffer fish

    what is a dogfaced puffer? i would like to buy a pufferfish too, they are cute. is your salt wateror fresh water? i went to a fish store and they were selling salt water puffers for $35 each or so, but they were large, about 5 inches wide or so. and they had that little pufferfish grin on...
  12. Carito

    new 120 Glalon Cube

    yeah! so luxurious and enchanting. i can't believe you work so much like that and still had time to do that all yourself... maybe you are an engineer- my dad is an engineer and he likes to craft little things together... crazy.. soooo large! 120 gallons... wow... must be a tonof water weight or...
  13. Carito

    spotted green puffer fish

    that's neat... today i was about to purchase some pufferfish, the store only had spotted green or somethig like that, and Figure 8.... the Figure 8's were more large ... but i didn't buy my tank yet and i am very new to this, but now know you have to cycle it for a long time... kind of all...
  14. Carito

    Sad Day....

  15. Carito

    Venus Fly Trap captures a frog

    wow. it really sucked the meat, juices, blood, guts, skin, etc, right off the frog! everything!
  16. Carito

    Venus flytrap "Tree" soon available!!

    wow! i REALLY hope you take care of that well and see what happens in a few months! hahah
  17. Carito

    May VFT pics

    Red Piranha... I used to have one and it died when I left home and I guess someone forgot to water it. I loved it too, it was very cute. :( Nice plants.
  18. Carito

    Lowe’s VFT bounus?

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW (At Not a Number's venus fly trap pot) Yeah, i guess since the plants are created via tissue culture en masse, many of the ones we see at Walmart/Lowes have the tendency to have a myriad of offshoots. I've gotten several ones from Walmart with well over 10 rhizomes.