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    Tank pics!

    Well, its been a while. About 4 months later, and probably a million fish/plant/algae/etc. articles down the road, my tank is finaly established (or close enough). This wasn't to hard, mainly because I already had the lighting, and tank already down. Here are some specs: 20gal long Red flourite...
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    I don't know how many of you remember me, i left the forums about a year ago, but I am thinking about putting my old terrerium to use by making an aquarium. I have very little knowledge about this, but it seemed like an interesting idea. I basically need to know where to begin. My tank is a 20...
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    Broken ac

    Well, today the airconditioning broke, and it is really hot. The humidity in my terrerium went way down, but is still resonable. The only probelm is the temperature that I am worried about. The temperature in my house is about 95, so I can only imagine what it is inside my drosera terrerium...
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    Just wondering...

    Ok, I am just curious and have to ask:  Would you grow carnivorous plants if they were not carnivorous?   My honest whole hearted answer would probably be no   .  Even though I hardly ever feed my plants, and it is probably not the best reason for liking any plant the main reason that draws me...
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    Does anybody know?
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    Leaf cuttings.

    I know how to do leaf cuttings with drosera, but I would like to know why they work. My guess is, that cells from the leaf begin to divide, and eventually make out whole plants. I remember in biology something about the meristem, and I think that might have something to do with it also.
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    Seed harvesting.

    Well, now that my burmannii are starting to look like crap, I would like to know how to harvest seeds.
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    What the heck is it?

    OK this is making me angry! Something has been snacking on things in my terrerium, but I have not seen it. My auriculata seedlings have been loosing leaves-- they arn't dying: they have been clipped off. It is a clean cut. A nidiformis leaf that I was using for a leaf cutting was cut in half...
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    'nother sundew flower question.

    How do I tell if a flower has opened already, or if it hasn't?
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    Mold on sundew flower scapes!

    Well, the title and description says most of it. My burmanniis are flowering, and same with my spatulatas. Mold took over the burmannii bud when it was about to bloom, and it took the spatulata earlier. How do I exterminate it?
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    After reading Tamlin's articles in the drosera forum, I did a search on yahoo about damping off, but I am still wondering about some things. How longs does it take for seedlings to die from damp-off? Also, when does damp off occur, when the seedlings have just sprouted, or can it also occur later?
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    Rust colored mold on vft

    I noticed on one of my vft traps, there was a brownish mold. I remeber reading in the SG that there was a type of mold that would grow on pitcher plants that was harmless, but i dont have a copy anymore. Should there be any need for concern?
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    Reaction time

    My dews are really slow when they eat an insect. They have been transplanted about 2 weeks ago. Do they just need to adjust?
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    What is the easiest tuberous sundew?

    Just wondering what tuberous sundew was the easiest to grow. Does anybody know?
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    Sarr color

    I have noticed on my 1-year-old s. purpureas that when they shift color from green to red, the veins get the red color first, unlike other carnivorous plants. Is this true with all sarrs? if so, does any body know why?
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    What instrument do i use to measure humidity, and where can i buy one? many thanks in advance.
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    Dry dormancies

    I was just wondering, do tuberous and pygmies require a dry dormancy or can you just skip it?
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    It seems to me that all cps turn red, pink, orange, purple, or some other redish color when they are in strong light (other than species that have been bred not to), is that true? I have also noticed on my d. spatulata that the leaves don't actually change from green to red: The new leaves...
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    Color tone lights...

    So i was at home depot today lookin' at the f. lights, and i see these f. lights called 'Colortone' lights. Just wonderin' are they any good for cps?
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    Ok, I just got a 20gl long today (yipee&#33, and i was wondering what kind of cover i sould get. A glass or plexiglass cover. I know that plexi glass will get warped with the heat from the tubes, but i was wondering how long that takes. I have heard glass is a good cover, but is more...