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    Automatic misters

    On a related note to the automatic watering thread, does anyone use any automatic misters? I'm especially interested in using automatic misters to keep live sphagnum healthy. I love live sphagnum as it prevents algae growth, provides an early warning in case of TDS issues, and looks cool. I...
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    Automatic watering systems for nepenthes

    I keep about 4 nepenthes indoors but am thinking about getting a bunch more (I love neps). Watering them takes a bit more effort than I'd like especially when compared to how I water the rest of my plants using the tray method. There are two reasons I'm interested in automatic watering systems...
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    Tips for germinating CP seeds?

    Hey Everyone! I'm new and happy to be here. I've been growing CPs for about a year, mostly indoors under LEDs. I've recently started getting more seeds and have had terrible luck (read: I lack skill) at getting them to germinate properly. Here's my current set up: Nepenthes seeds: sown on top...