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    OH NO MY TRAP!!!!

    My venus fly trap is dying all the traps are laying on the bottom What DO I DO??? How do I save it? Please hepl me ASAP!!!!!
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    Did I do something right?

    I opened up the vft that had the ladie bug in it it was all black so I pinched it off was that a bad idea? I also removed yellow traps and the black dead stuff. one good thing is that my vft digested that little brown bettle could of been worse.
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    did the forum get updated? it's different
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    Bugs that are good for your CP\'s

    Everyone let's make a big list of different thing's that are good for CP's
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    Tap Water

    Can I make distilled water? My water ph is medium its between 8.0 6.5 is soft water good for vft's? Which is better for the vft well or city I have well
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    What do I do?

    What do I deo with the venus fly trap becase I already fed it beetles and it's in the miracle gross spagum,moss mix with fertilizer what do I do? Please help!!!! Where do I get the spagum and peat moss plus where do I get the terarium?
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    What bugs are safe to put in a venus fly trap? How do I make a terarium? does it need a terarium I took it out of the small pot it was crammed in there and I planted it in a pot with some miracle grow canadian spangum moss mix is that ok Can I feed my vft ants and ladybugs?
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    I have a miracle grow canadian spag..... moss dirt with perlite and a fertilizer will the fertilizer kill it?