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  1. nepenthesmatt

    Sarracenia of the month! MAY 2010

    The rules are simple, The picture of the plant must have been taken this month the trap doesnt have to be from this month The trap must have been grown in the owners care Plant must be labeled in the owners entry no unknown plants please If more than one pitcher is in the photo, it must be...
  2. nepenthesmatt

    some new plants and greenhouse updates DUW

    nepenthes becceriana x spectabilis nepenthes ali'i I also intalled a new bench nepenthes ventricosa 'ruby lips' nepenthes burbidgea x edwardsiana cephalotus heliamphora heterodoxa x nutans nepenthes st. sabrina nepenthes mou loa nepenthes spectabilis x...
  3. nepenthesmatt

    photobucket uploader problems

    hey ive been having problems with my bulk photobucket uploader, has anyone else had any of these problems. it will load the page then it will suddenly become blank let me know what to do to fix it (if i can do anything about it) thanks, Matt
  4. nepenthesmatt

    nepenthes spec x veitchii looking for a lady

    my nepenthes spectabilis x veitchii is in flower and its looking for a nice lady to cross it with this is a very nice clone! i would prefer plants such as other spectabilis crosses, veitchii would be nice and other things such as ventricosa, the first flowers are open and it is growing very fast...
  5. nepenthesmatt

    An unboxing picture thred

    I got a nepenthes briggsiana var Peter D'amato in the mail today and it is absolutally stunning! here are some pictures of the unboxing! first the knife (my brothers he has no idea that I used it muhahaha) next the box it is bigger then I thought it was going to be! cutting the box...
  6. nepenthesmatt

    my setup and some sarracenia

    here are some pictures of my sarracenia growing space it gets full sun from about 9 am to about 6 pm here are the pics a bad picture of sarracenia alucard (dracula spelled backwards) thanks, Matt
  7. nepenthesmatt

    Some pictures of my nepenthes

    I got some new plants last saturday and my neps are looking good! nepenthes spectabilis x spatulata nepenthes ventricosa nepenthes maxima 'giant' x veitchii HL my nepenthes truncata paisian highland sent out a decent trap here is one you dont see everyday! nepenthes...
  8. nepenthesmatt

    I got a new nepenthes truncata!

    and he is a big boy! i will get some pics of the whole plant soon I love this plant!
  9. nepenthesmatt

    nepenthes pollen

    hey guys im looking for any nepenthes pollen i have a sib x ventricosa that the flowers are starting to open any type is fine at this point you get half the seed made in trade for the pollen. thanks, Matt
  10. nepenthesmatt

    Some pictures of the greenhouse plants!

    Here are some pics of my greenhouse it is coming along very well with things pitchering all over the place and even a few nepenthes flowers! The pics nepenthes x mixta, this plant is a nice lowland plant but sadly it is way too big for my lowland tanks. nepenthes inermis x ventricosa...
  11. nepenthesmatt

    lots of sarracenia photos!

    some sarracenia photos! here are a bunch of sarracenia pictures from my humble collection sarracenia leucophila 'purple lips' sarracenia flava 'rupricorpra' the whole pool of them
  12. nepenthesmatt

    Stylidium debile for trade

    Hey guys I have a few Stylidium debile for trade the plants are about 1 1/2" to 2" accross and they might be flowering im in the mood for sarracenia and tropical drosera at the moment so pm me with offers I also have a P. gigantea, some capensis and alba capensis, and a binta dichotoma giant...
  13. nepenthesmatt

    more pics of the LACPS meeting in fullerton

    here are some more pics of the LACPS meeting last saturday capensis forest Nepenthes briggsiana Huge! Nepenthes tobica a sarracenia flower a Sarracenia moorei hybrid S. leucophylla tarnok some outdoor stuff a U. subulata flower ping trays S. purpura a...
  14. nepenthesmatt

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy 28th birthday MrFlyTrap2!! have a great day!! Matt
  15. nepenthesmatt

    some neps

    some of my nepenthes were looking good so here are some pics N. pompey N. maxima x vetchii N. lady pauline MY FAVORATE lowland nep: N. viking N. cesar a baby N. bicalcarata 'red flush' not so red is it now Thanks, matt
  16. nepenthesmatt

    Orchids! trek623 $30

    I have lots and lots of orchids I don't need and i've tried to sell them nobody would take them soooo up on the chopping block are about 8 or 9 orchids of all sorts of sizes I will get some names up asap here is a pic of all of them yes all of the plants in the bin are all for trade if you...
  17. nepenthesmatt

    multiclump D. lanata petiolaris complex PlantAKiss $13, pd.

    up for auction is a smallish clump of about 3 plants bidding starts at $2 i will get pics up as soon as they are uploaded i will pay shipping
  18. nepenthesmatt

    N. Red leopard rooted cutting dustin $27

    Up for auction is a well established nepenthes red leopard it is growing in a 4 inch pot the plant is about 5inches in diameter and it is also starting to produce a pitcher I will get a pic up after they are done uploading Starting bid is $5 Buyer pays $4.00 shipping *update* pics pitcher trap
  19. nepenthesmatt

    100 plant labels obregon562 $7

    up for auction are 100 white plant lables about 4-5inches long i will cover shipping starting bid is $2.00
  20. nepenthesmatt

    some pics from my greenhouse

    so as the title states here are some pix a new plant I got in a trade Sib x ventricosa another new plant nepenthes mirainda a new trap on vent x inermis (im gessing this is the orange one) red leopard dirty unorganized greenhouse shots i will post clean organized gh...