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    Great Fathers Day Gift!

    so this is my present! a 1987 mazda rx7 turbo. Round taillights... garrett hybrid t4/t3 turbo... full racing beat exhaust... greddy tubo timer and gauges... 17" konig rims with cross drill slotted rotors...
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    my first fathers day!

    it was a nice fathers day yesterday as i got a FC3s for the very first time!
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    Lets play a game!

    ok heres a pest that i see most of the times, i wont say more than this but heres a pic.... usually attacks my neps with its eggs will post more pics later....
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    more pics!

    more pics, enjoy! my thorelii x truncata hey michael, heres that maxima some hitch hikers, aristo x (thorelii x aristo) truncata HL putting on some size my maxima putting on some size too, alata luzon
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    Buds about to open...

    i got the following neps in spike!: ventricosa squat - female - any stud is welcomed! spike on the female is now erect, waiting for the buds to open... maxima green - male - who needs some pollen, please post here! now waiting for the buds
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    Show Us Peristome Close-ups!

    here are mine: bongso first
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    female in bloom

    i finally got my first female and im happy. its a ventricosa squat, i think...
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    HEY HEY HEY!!!

    so my seed grown macrophylla came in today! man looks great! THANKS GUY WITH A BUNCH OF PLANTS!!! LMAO!!! there are two pitchers, one being larger that the previous one. then there is another pitcher that hasnt opend and colored up. i can see red color on the body and the teeth are noticeable...
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    does anyone have a different form of ventrata?
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    Man it was a good day!

    despite all that trash talk about the immigration thingie, pros and cons, todays fight with oscar and mayorga was one of the best this year so far!!!! a mexico win over nicaragua here in the US is like no other! no one can take that away! most of the best fighters from oversea and mexico. i...
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    Bringing Back A Nep From The Dead!

    seriously, this is what im working with: a lowii x truncata that i got for free that was damaged by full sun. i was afraid that the tip was gone for sure as i didnt see it for a long time. after a long wait: there is another pic that i have that is up to date...
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    Spring Cleaning!

    Well i got rid of all my neps.... was like this... now its like this...
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    Bongso var. Robusta

    ok, so since i got this plant in late 2005, it really didnt pithcer at all till i notice some promising growth for 2006. the semi pithcer that it made then i saw this... begginig to open
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    GAS PRICES!!!!

    right now the 89 is at 3.03.
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    anyone got a raise?
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    being... (with a lisp)silly

    "stressed spelled backwards spells desserts - coincidence? i think not!!!" "a balaced diet is a cookie in each hand!" "i try to lose wight but it keeps finding me!" "im on a seafood diet... i see food, i eat it!"
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    still looking for nepenthes alata!

    there are about 8-10 cuttings there tht i have available for trade. all are unrooted. same as before, looking for a N. alata that i dont have, i dont even have the typical one! like before also, it doesnt have to be rooted.
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    inermis x bongso

    hey im getting one of these about a 7" plant. wanted to know how everyone elses does for them. i wanted inermis but would rather try something that looks like it, so im going with the hybrid since bongso does well with me. then if im ok with this hybridm then i may start thinking about getting...
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    need an id please!

    first, i think this looks like a sanguinea but i dont know what var. it is. also i noticed that the peristome is more ridgid than my other ordinary sanguinea. seems to have a "hip" like all sanguineas but this one is more spotted. any idea gang?
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    What critter do you feed the most to your neps?

    Right now im using live crickets. when the pitchers get bigger and the entire plant as well, i would love to use june bugs! i want to know what bugs you guys use and why. i heard slugs or snails are easy to digest but i would like to hear it from people themselves, so please post!