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    well.. i know there are some succulent soils and cactus soils for sale in some stores. but if you want desert dirt... i might can help ya. i live in the desert. all my cactus i just plants right outside. smack in my yard, no preping. the dirt drains fast, and absorbs rather fast. now, there...
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    how do i know if my flowers (when i get them) are male or female?
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    S purpurea bloom stalk?

    I was looking in my terrarium when i noticed a rather weird looking plump round mass was coming up from my purpurea. i am no expert but it looks like a bloom is trying to come up. is this the time for blooms? and do i even want it to bloom? ive only had the plant about 2 months from home...
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    Fungus in my terrarium

    ok, i finally set up my terrarium. only after three days, it now has a fungus. the fungus only gros on the cocoa mulch, and not the soil nor the plants. but I dont want to chance that it will move to the plants. between75-80 degrees is what its at. 65-80 percent humidity soil is 75% moisture...
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    When is it time to cut off a pitcher?

    I have a small nepenthes spp. (dont ask, it came from home depot), I can post pics later if you want to see it. one of the pitchers is turning black. do I cut it off now? or does that mean something else? (infection, etc) It is also in the cup i got from home depot, that has a lid. and i think...
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    I have darlingtonia seeds

    I have darlingtonia seeds. I even have a 20 seeds variety of sarracenia seeds and I have a seed packet of leucophylla (sp?) I am willing to trade for a small australian pitcher plant.. cephalotis (sp? i think thats the one, ill have to check lol) let me know if you have one and wish to trade...
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    Tarrarium being built

    My dad and I are building a terrarium.. about 50-60 gallon size. once it is built and established, the main plants growing will be CPs.. nepth, dews, bladders, butters, etc. so once these survive me (lol), and are established, what kind of animal could I put in with them, that wont be eaten...
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    Bottled water?

    I live in arizona, and i am told that our drinking water isnt good for CPs.. So i was going to the store to buy bottled water. everyone says "distilled" but all the bottles say "mountain spring", etc none say distillled.. what brand is distilled that I can buy at the store to water my CP?
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    Saracenia "schnells ghost"

    i was looking through species of sarracenia.. and noticed one called "schnells ghost" I love how it is all white without pigment at the top. but I cant find one anywhere. is it me not looking in the right place? or do people just not sell that species?
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    I am building my terrarium

    yippy my dad decided to build me a terrarium for my birthday. thing is, we're stuck on what to do. building the outside is easy, its whats going inside that were stuck on. we're going to have a mini waterfall, probably made of rock and wood, that allows water flow and slight humidy into the...
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    Target sells cps?

    I was at target, buying some stuff, when I passed the plant area (the little small one they have inside the store). I noticed a small pot with a rather big green plant turns out it is a Sarracenia purpurea (purple pitcher plant). but they were advertising it (a little card stuck in the pot)...
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    Desert newbie

    I am in love with CPs. My first was a flytrap.... and it got cooked..literally. I live in the desert, and it is too hot here to grow them as far as I can see.  They need light, but the sun is too hot.  They need humidity, but its too dry here. So I had some options: -GREENHOUSE: sounds like an...