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    U. longifolia growing leafs in medium

    As stated above, completely normal. If they're anything like mine, they'll stay plenty. They have light+humidity down there, if a bit wet!
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    Utrics and moss

    I repot mine out of caution if I think they might be getting choked out. I also keep mine in a very airy LFS mix, so its hard for other moss to take up all the real estate.
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    Distance from Grow Lights?

    Hey all, Feels silly having been growing things for years and still have such basic questions, but really just want to make sure I'm not missing something obvious for my plants. For reference, I just have a single grow rack, 2 shelves, with lighting above each shelf. One is a 4-bulb 4-foot...
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    For Trade Ping Divisions

    Hi all! Recently potted up a bunch of divisions/pullings from some of my pings. Nothing too exotic, and I'm not looking for anything in particular/too picky. Other pings/dews would be awesome. I'd also love to trade for some ceph leaves if possible.
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    Quick Cephalotus Questions

    I appreciate your response! Is just one pellet per pitcher good? And how often should I refeed them? I think I have the same question about neps as well...
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    Quick Cephalotus Questions

    Hey all! So, after almost two years, a few leaf pullings I received from a member of this forum are finally starting to inflate their first adult pitchers! Both are on the tray method, under a humidity dome. One is is a sand/peat/perlie mix, the other is in mostly LFS with a bit of the other...
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    For Trade Utricularia Longifolia Divisions for Trade

    I have a few mesh pots of U. longifolia trying its best to invade all of their neighbors on my grow rack, it's time to chop them back a bit. I'll post a photo when I'm home later. They are currently being grown in pure LFS, tray method, under a humidity dome. Thing is an absolute weed for...
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    Live Sphag. moss cultivation

    Yes, dried LFS almost always will come back to life from spores given the right conditions. One week seems a bit fast, I'd hazard a guess that it is algae currently, but I could be wrong. Look up some photos of live LFS. It iwll tend to be a lighter green than most algaes. As for cultivating...
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    Need for Fertilizing?

    Hey all! I feel like this is a ridiculous question to ask after years of growing, but I have to anyways! Most of my plants are on a grow rack under LEDs. All plants are in pretty standard peat/perlite/sand/lfs mixes, or just pure LFS. I change the media when needed. All my plants seem to do at...
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    Nepenthes Seedlings

    The good news: I have successfully germinated nepenthes seeds! The bad news: I didn't prepare for making it this far into the process... So, I now have about 6 3-inch pots each with anywhere from 2-20 nepenthes seedlings of varying species (ventricosa, truncate, a few hybrids). The pots are...
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    Source for Lava Rock

    Hey all! I have seen a few photos online of Pings and such rooted onto lava rock and the lava rock simply placed in water to wick it up. I was wondering if anyone could point me I nthe right direction to where to buy such a piece of rock? Thank you, and happy growing, Kyle
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    Distance from Lights?

    Thanks for all the really useful info. I've downloaded an app to test the output and will be scaling the plants back a bit!
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    Distance from Lights?

    So for years now, most of my plants have been under 4-Bulb T5 fixtures, maybe 9 inches form them. I've recently added some mars hydro LED fixtures to a separate shelf. I'm afraid of frying any plants (mainly sundews and pings), and am wondering if 9 inches is going to be too close? Wondering if...