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  1. PsychoSarah

    Nepenthes Pollen

    My ventricosa x (aristolochioides x thorelii) is blooming, and it turned out to be male. I am wondering if anyone would like to make a cross with it. https://i.imgur.com/YbGuJq7.jpg Pitchers from this plant open sideways like aristo, have a slight hourglass shape like ventricosa. The...
  2. PsychoSarah

    PsychoSarah's Ever-Expanding Grow List

    Nepenthes Species: N. alba N. boschiana N. burbidgeae N. burkei N. campanulata N. eymae (SG) N. gantungensis N. glabrata N. gracillima (possibly a hybrid with alba or alba itself, time will tell) N. hurrelliana N. jacquelineae (SG) N. jamban (3 SG plants and a clone) N. khasiana N. leonardoi...
  3. PsychoSarah

    New Lithops, not sure what species

    So, I saw an unlabeled Lithops for sale at the general store for just $2, and decided to grab it up (along with another mystery succulent that looks like the Sarlacc from Star Wars, but if it was green and all mouths with spines). Since my tablet doesn't do pictures very well (colors quite...
  4. PsychoSarah

    Nepenthes you don't see every day

    So, most of the plants in my collection aren't particularly rare, but I do have two species which are fairly uncommon in collections. For these species, pictures of adult plants aren't particularly numerous, but pictures of young plants can be hard to find. Thus, every other month, starting now...
  5. PsychoSarah

    Dark Pitcher Appreciation Thread

    I love dark pitchers with a passion. This thread is dedicated to pictures of species and hybrids which produce consistently dark pitchers. I have yet to personally own such plants, so I will use this first post to list off the many species which produce lovely dark pitchers (mention if I miss...
  6. PsychoSarah

    6 Inch Nepenthes Lowii for Trade

    I am open to offers for trade in return for my Nepenthes lowii. This plant has a leaf span of approx. 6 inches, with the largest pitcher being 2 inches long. Send me offers as a private message, though feel free to ask questions about the plant on this thread. I am looking for other highland...
  7. PsychoSarah

    Valentine's Day Huge Trade!

    I have a whopping 12 nepenthes I want to trade in return for some common drosera seeds/young plants. I have 4 rooted ventrata cuttings, here is a picture of one as an example: http://i.imgur.com/x94MUYQ.jpg , and to be honest, I am giving these ones away, just send me a letter paying for your...
  8. PsychoSarah

    Nepenthes cuttings giveaway

    Wow, it has been a long time since I have been on these forums. My life got pretty crazy for a while, but I still actively grow my carnivorous plants. So, I experimented with cuttings since I have last been on here, and way more of them survived than I was expecting. So, now I have 8 rooted...
  9. PsychoSarah

    New Bearded Dragon!

    all hail the glory of Apollo Creed; ignore the edible cricket hat.
  10. PsychoSarah

    Budding Basal

    Repotted one of my nepenthes and saw this a little above the root system Is this a basal bud, and if so, should I expect the plant to have slowed growth or any other such symptoms that can be mistaken for disease? Or is it just a newly developing large root?
  11. PsychoSarah

    Spatulata Variety Identity

    So my spatulata is finally about to flower, with pink petals (just slightly lighter than magenta). I don't know what variety I have, but it doesn't seem like many varieties have pink flowers, so given that and the fact that the leaves stay bright green despite other drosera in the same...
  12. PsychoSarah

    Pings of a Different Color

    I am thinking about maybe getting into pings. I find the colorful, non green ones most appealing, but I am unsure what ones would be the best starter plants. Any ideas?
  13. PsychoSarah

    Toilet bowl shaped nepenthes

    Just a thread for pictures of them, I find them appealing
  14. PsychoSarah

    Senior project consideration

    I was considering making the topic of my senior project the cultivation of carnivorous plants from seed, in which I would measure how light, humidity, soil makeup and moisture, and various fungicides and pesticides impact the growth and germination success of various carnivorous plants. What do...
  15. PsychoSarah

    You know it would be me who got this as a gift

    Some context, I haven't grown cacti ever since a nasty repotting incident. To make it all the worse, this prickly monstrosity looks like it will be in need of repotting. In a bout of humor about it, I did name it Sir Pricklton
  16. PsychoSarah

    Gender list for Nepenthes propagation

    Since lots of people like to make crosses with plants from other people on this site, I thought it would be useful for people to list out which plants they have which regularly flower and what gender they are, to make future propagation endeavors easier. Also a place to post which ones you...
  17. PsychoSarah

    Mystery pest

    Just found 2 unknown bugs in my nepenthes pot, infestation doesn't seem high for either, but I don't know what they are, so I am very concerned. 1st. Very very small, about the size of these periods, maybe even smaller. Dark colored, either black or dark brown it is hard to say. They like the...
  18. PsychoSarah

    Stem cuttings and Root cuttings

    When you propagate nepenthes through root cuttings and stem cuttings, how old usually are the plants? Does it matter the age or is overall plant size more important? I ask because I want to be sure ahead of time exactly how I should go about it in a way as to avoid killing the original plant and...
  19. PsychoSarah

    I Guess I Never Introduced Myself

    Hi, my name is Sarah, I actually have been on here a bit but never thought to introduce myself properly. I have been growing non native plants since age 5, in which I actually managed to grow a lemon tree in Michigan of all places, from a seed I pulled out of a store bought lemon. It survived...
  20. PsychoSarah

    Mega Variety giveaway

    One lucky person shall be the proud owner of my extra plants, plants I either never intended to have or have far too many of. It comes complete with: Two different vigorous sarracenia, I don't really know what they are, as they are from seed and the seeds were mislabeled as drosera seeds...