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    Indoor Highland Setup

    <a href="https://s10.photobucket.com/user/cpyanger/media/IMG_8524_zpsam8lwsod.jpeg.html" target="_blank"><img src="https://oi10.photobucket.com/albums/a122/cpyanger/IMG_8524_zpsam8lwsod.jpeg" border="0" alt=" photo IMG_8524_zpsam8lwsod.jpeg"/></a> <a...
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    Sarracenia minor on eBay

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sarracenia-Minor-hooded-pitcher-carnivorous-plant-5-Capillaris-Drosera-Sundew-/323231742542 "You are receiving plants from their natural wild enviroment. They have only received fresh rainwater, no pesticides. They grow wild all over my property, and need new homes...
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    N. veitchii 'K'

    One of my prized Nepenthes.
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    Please sign petition to halt destructive open-cut mines in Indonesian rainforest

    http://action.sumofus.org/a/indonesia-rainforest/2/3/?sub=fb Please sign petition to halt destructive open-cut mines in Indonesian rainforest. Share amongst friends and family.
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    N. veitchii 'K'

    One of my two veitchii 'K' Enjoy!
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    Drosera erythrorhiza subsp. squamosa

    Looking for Drosera erythrorhiza subsp. squamosa Looking for Drosera erythrorhiza subsp. squamosal. Please PM me. Thanks!
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    New CP species found!!!

    New CP species found!!!
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    S. Readii x Moorei 'Wlikerson Bog'

    Here she is! S. Readii x Moorei 'Wilkerson Bog'
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    Looking for butterworts!!!

    Hey all, I'm looking for other butterworts NOT in my collection. These are the plants I have so far; P. agnata, P. cyclosecta,P. esseriana, P. moranesis, P. rotundifolia and P. laneana x emarginata. Willing to trade!
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    Unknown Complex Sundew

    Hey all, I recently recieved this little fellow. But there was no ID. Here is the pic of the plant: Thanks!
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    Aphids problem

    Hey all, I have a friend who just recently got a couple of sundews (D. Spatulata). But when he brought them home, it turned out they have aphids on them. He turned to me and I had the slightest clue on how to get rid of them. Now I'm turning to you guys for help. What is the best way to...
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    Orchid Groupshot (Pic)

    Hey all, These are currently my orchids that are in bloom. Enjoy!
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    Hey all, I have 2 S. Flava var Maxima and 1 mature division of S. Dixie Lace up for trade. Looking for anything not on my Sarracenia growlist (listed below). Please PM me for offers. Mainly looking for species. Thanks. Sarracenia Growlist: S. Alata   S. Flava var Maxima     S. Flava 'Heavily...
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    Thousands of pitcher plants saved!

    I found this article; very nice to hear all those pitcher plants and sundews being saved. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061007/ap_on_re_us/pitcher_plant_rescue
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    New Site

    Hey all, Just finished a new site. Let me know wat do you think. (It's window shades, basically) homExpressions.com Perhaps purchase something as well. *If this violate any rule, let me know.*
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    Though I might take some pics of my plants (since I have'n post there in a while) : S. Leucophylla 'Tarnok' S. Purpurea ssp Venosa var Chipola N. Truncata 'Pasian Highland' Enjoy.
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    Hey all, I have three orchids available. They are: Phal. Amabilis 2 No ID If interested, please PM me.
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    S. Rubra ssp Wherryi

    Hey all, If anyone has an extra, please PM me. Thanks.
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    N. Ventricosa

    Hey all, I have a N. Ventricosa (MALE) up for auction. I'll post a photo later. USA only. Winner pays for shipping. Starting the bid at $1.
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    N. Truncata

    With the recent addition of a N. Truncata (Highland), I decided to take a group photo. N. Truncata (lowland) = larger plant (dont mind the brown marks; their sunburns) N. Truncata 'Pasian Highland' = dangling in the air Up close and personal with N. Truncata 'Pasian Highland'