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  1. Dormant Sea

    I've got a weird one, maybe.

    So I put my drosera binata into dormancy. I have read that isn't necessary, but I was playing it safe. It was definitely a drosera binata when I put it to sleep. So in the meantime, I got a drosera multifida. The two pots were nowhere near each other. One was outside or in the garage, the...
  2. Dormant Sea

    Why not. My current grow list.

    VFTs: two large-mouth varieties, and one long-leaf variety. No specific cultivar has ever been applied to them, so I'm assuming all are "common." Sarracenia: one S. Purpurea "Fat Chance" and one Purpurea hybrid with long, tall pitchers. Nepenthes: one N. Ventrata, which needs to be kept in a...
  3. Dormant Sea

    Drosera ID?

    Seeds were sold to me as "D. Natalensis," but they don't necessarily look consistent with all the pictures I see online. Some do, some don't. TIA! https://i.imgur.com/McrgamU.jpg
  4. Dormant Sea

    Hi from Chicago.

    I'm a somewhat newer grower, doing this for about two years in earnest. I had a stint some years back that ended poorly (dead plants) so I took a break to research. Going much better now. I'm kind of in that experienced beginner/rookie intermediate grower sweet spot where I'm doing extremely...