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  1. raccoon city

    Succulent forum with Trading Post

    Is there an online forum focused on succulents, with something similar to Terraforum's Trading Post? I don't grow carnivorous plants anymore, and I'm looking to get some succulents though trade and giveaways. Thanks!
  2. raccoon city

    WTB: Want To Buy: Sedum Reflexum Plants

    WTB: Want To Buy: Sedum Reflexum Plants Looking for a few adult plants. List Date: 4/17/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: WTB: Want To Buy: Sedum Reflexum Plants -------------------------------------- Want to Buy (WTB) Please Contact Buyer with offers...
  3. raccoon city

    What do you think of banana passionfruit?

    What do you think of banana passionfruit, or Passiflora edulis 'Frederick'? Sometime soon, I would like to grow banana passionfruit, primarily for its fruit: According to Wikipedia... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banana_passionfruit ...several species of banana passionfruit used to be known...
  4. raccoon city

    Carnivorous Plant DVD Giveaway / Poetry Contest

    I won the DVD from: F R e N c H 3 z I got the idea of doing a poetry contest from: cp-connection Write the poetry that I like best and you will win this DVD: (Grow Carnivorous Plants! Volume 1) I will even pay the postage. RULES: 1. Your poetry must be about carnivorous plants. 2. Your...
  5. raccoon city

    Watermelon Jenny F1 Hybrid Seed Giveaway

    I am giving away two watermelon seed packets. They are called "Jenny F1 Hybrid" watermelon seeds. Each packet contains approximately 40 seeds, and the seeds expire in 2012. Some great info I have found about these seeds is here: http://www.parkseed.com/gardening/PD/5769/ I actually bought...
  6. raccoon city

    Neighbor's pit bull attacked my dog!

    Neighbor's dangerous dog attacked my dog Warning: My story is tamer than the average dangerous dog attack, but it's still somewhat disturbing. Some of the 15 photos in this thread are a little bloody. If you cannot handle the sight of blood, you should skip this thread now. My next door...
  7. raccoon city

    Brand new baby (& computer)

    My almost-32-year-old kid sister gave birth to a 7lb 14oz baby girl earlier today, at 8:12pm PST. The baby's name is Alice Rosemary. So now I have a total of 5 nieces and 1 nephew. I don't have any kids myself, but I do have a Cardigan Welsh Corgi that I am financially responsible for. :)...
  8. raccoon city

    Help me pick a new desktop computer

    Good morning, Terra Forums! My nine-year-old desktop computer bit the dust a few days ago when the power went out. :comp: Time to get a new computer! :boogie: I'm looking for websites that have plenty of reviews of 2010 desktops. (So far I have checked out cnet.com/zdnet.com, pcworld.com...
  9. raccoon city

    Long-Fibered Sphagnum & Conserving Water

    Hello to everyone on Terra Forums, Here's some background info relevant to my problem: I purchase reverse-osmosis water by the gallon because my tap water is full of dissolved solids. I have no plans to buy a reverse-osmosis filter because I am a renter, that someday, may have to move. Also...
  10. raccoon city

    Where to buy busboy tubs?

    I want to create a mini-bog out of a busboy tub. Busboys use these tubs to clear off tables in restaurants. If anyone can recommend a good cheap place (online or offline) to buy a 7” deep busboy tub it would be greatly appreciated.