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    D. dichotoma 'giant'

    hit there, i still have'nt gotten my plant yet. just checking. starting to get cold here, don't want it to get too cold in transit and die. thanks, jason
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    D. dichotoma 'giant'

    Thesis first! Plant later.
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    D. binata

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    D. dichotoma 'giant'

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    PM'ed you!
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    Hope you have a great birthday!!!!!!!!!
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    PM sent!!!!!
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    Midwest carnivorous plant society

    count me in!! i'm in eastern iowa! yay!!!
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    Are all the u.s. states represented here?

    Iowa here! Hi Suzanne!!!!! ---- Hi Jason!! Highjacked post! hehe
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    Sarracenia seeds for SESE

    Got my seeds Brooks!!! Thanks a whole heck of a lot!!!!!!!
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    source of locations?

    Thanks for the info peoples, I'll be sure to check all that out, everything's in the planning phase right now. Thanks everybody! Hi Suzanne!
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    source of locations?

    Hi everybody, I know I don't ever really say much in the forums, but I always check them out as often as I can. And I was wondering if I could ask for some advice. My wife and I are starting to plan a trip, for our tenth anniversary in august, (she likes to plan ahead) and are going to head to...
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    Sarracenia seeds for SESE

    I would love some also! Thanks a lot!! I'll get an SASE out to you!! Thanks again!!!
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    Give any tips ~n~ ask any questions about vft's

    when you say drinking water, do you mean tap water? if so i'd say that's one of your problems. try distilled, rain, or reverse osmosis filtered water. also, it kind of sounds like you may be watering too much, just put the pots in a shallow tray of water, about an inch or so of water. then when...
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    Sand question

    Sand blasting sand works also!
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    Wanted neps

    I could spare a piece of my Nep Coccinea if you would like. Let me know!
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    Musical instrument

    I played the tuba back in my junior and senior high school days.
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    Creeping death

    Hi Mike! I'd gladly trade a nep for your creeping death vft. Just let me know. Thanks!
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    This may be my last posting

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Carl. Try to stay positive!