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    S. "Savanna Fire", NEW unregistered cultivar winner adnedarn $40

    Being offered for the first time from my private breeding program is an outstanding plant I call, "Savanna Fire." The fires that raged in South Georgia and Northern Florida last spring and burned major portions of the Okefenokee Swamp inspired the name. It is a moorei x purp ven Burkei cross...
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    'Leah Wilkerson' ???? wmgorum $80

    NO 'LEAH WILKERSON' THIS YEAR>>>> SORRY I know you all are disappointed that I am not offing a 'Leah Wilkerson' but instead I thought I would offer a "WILKERSON' S RED" instead to keep things different and interesting. Another in the ceaseless line of outstanding Wilkerson plants. There are...
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    A VERY nice copper etching of Sarracenia catsbaei winner PlantAKiss $10

    Being offered is a very nice etching of Sarracenia catsbaei on a copper plate in a simple but nice frame. Artist is K. V. Herndon of Atlanta Bidding starts at $5 Winner pays $6 shipping http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk49/SarraceniaObsessed/IMG_1129.jpg
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    A different kind of conservation

    I recently have had an enlightening experience and have put it into story form. I am considering submitting it to a publication but it definatly will go on my new revised web site. I am posting it here to get people thinking. Bobby Weaver Story: A Different Side of Conservation Since my...
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    Seeking Byblis gigantea

    I am looking for Byblis gigantea seeds or plants. Let's talk trade.
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    shipping to PR

    Anyone know if it would be legal to ship spagh moss to puerto rico?
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    This what you have been waiting for...'Leah Wilkerson' (Winner EST $90)

    I am offering a division of 'Leah Wilkerson'(pitchers at least 12"). You know you want it. Heck, everybody wants one. And, if you are saying you are waiting for it to come out in TC, well, it's not, at least for another year of two. A bid over $50 gets free shipping. If someone will guide me...
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    RAREST OF THE RARE! Drosera filiformis 'All Red' (Winner Endodock $50)

    One mature, blooming size plant of D. filiformis filiformis 'All Red'. This plant is only found in one location growing naturally in the world and that is along the Florida panhandle (plant was grown from seed). Winner pays shipping unless the bidding exceeds $20 then I will pay it. Make it happen!
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    Need help with pings from seed

    I seem to have bumper crop of P. plainifolia seeds about to ripen and need some advice on sowing them. Thanks in advance!
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    Interesting observations on Sarracenias

    I want to ask all of you who have Sarracenais it share your experiences with this. I noticed this a few years ago but I really was struck by it this year as the flowers began to come up. Is it me or do the flowers face south? now, not all of them do but a majority of mine do. I wonder if this is...
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    Looking for Utric. purpurea

    I would like to add Utricularia purpurea to my collection and have hybrid Sarracenia seeds for trade. These are multi hybrid crosses, dozens to choose from.
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    Sarracenias in the Press

    For thoes who are interested, there is a good article with great photos of some of my plants in the Sept/Oct issue of VERANDA mag, soon to be out. If nothing else, it wll raise the public's awareness of CPs in general.
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    Add to your collection

    For you growers of the NASC (and others), I am offering a full mature leuco from the Crestview, FL site(remember the rubra gulfensis rescue) opening bid $5 and I will pay shipping.
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    Looking for D. rotundifolia and D. brevifolia plts

    I am in need of D. rotundifolia and brevifolia plants and or seeds. Unfortunately, I still do not have a grow list but I am sure there is something out there to interest most. Let's talk.
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    Drosera 'California Sunset'

    I more I dig around in the nursery the more I find. I am offering one blooming size Drosera 'California Sunset.' This offering is open to all. Winner pays shipping.
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    Drosera filiformis filiformis 'All Red'

    I am offering a full grown, flowering size D. filiformis filiformis 'All Red'. This is a much sought after plant and very easy to grow. I will pay shipping and for our CP fellows across the pond I will ship to you on this one. Starting bid $2. Now, have at it!
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    'Leah Wilkerson'

    Once again, I am offering a division of the highly sought after, moorei, cultivar, 'Leah Wilkerson.' I have been contacted by folks from all over the world in search of this cultivar and have had two seperate orders for 1000 plants each. It is a stunning plant that is vigorous, large and...
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    Looking for D rotundifolia plants

    I am looking for D. rotundifolia plants. I have HUGE filiformis filformis and fili traceyii hibernacula and filiformis 'All Red' seed to trade.
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    Southeastern flower show

    Calling any and all CP growers in the Atlanta and surrounding area! The 2006 Southeastern Flower Show is Feb. 8th-12th at the World Congress Center in Atlanta. I am calling for interested growers to enter this accredited, juried show for the opportunity to win ribbons as well as trophies. Any...
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    Native pings needed

    I am looking for ping. caerulea and pumila plants to round out a collection of SE native pings for a display at the Southeastern Flower show and hopefully win the much coveted Species Trophy. I have Sarracenias for trade, leucos, purps, psitts and, flavas. Thanks SO