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  1. Indigo

    ??? Ant problem please help.

    one of my N.truncata has grown to a size that is shading half of my windowsill plant and i think its ready to take on some more hardy temperature, which is outside in a shady porch. so I repotted it into a 12 inch diameter wide 18 inch tall pot. so the soil don;t dry out more quickly and can...
  2. Indigo

    Need filter advice

    Ok, My cousin bought 6 tiger cichlids 3 male and 3 female I believe. And after a few days we notice some changes to the tank water. Its the filter. The filter can't do the job on the 50 gallon tank. Does anyone here have a 50 gallon tank and what filter you use? And also can Cichlids and algea...
  3. Indigo

    Is Utricularia for my bog ok?

    Hello Tf'er I have some issue with birdzila and squirrelzila They seems to love to dig on my mini bog a lot!!! And they only dig where there isn;t anything growing, and you bet how annoying it is. and they spread the media all over the place. Once they dug a hole in my mini bog the media water...
  4. Indigo

    Devil's Claw Picture

    Yeah !! I got the seeds from Crissystal Last year at Augest, Sowed them in right away but didn;t sprout, I thought they are goners but after a harsh cold winter one pop out :-D
  5. Indigo

    magnifying glass + cool white fluorescent light bulb

    Have anyone tried this? by using a magnifying glass on a light bulb to magnify the light intensity to a plant? It would be a cool experiment.. :banana2: of course to magnify the natural sunlight = nuclear death to the plant.
  6. Indigo

    My Hummers Giant :D

    Hiii Everyone.. Haven't post any new pic lately... So here it is.. My Hummer from elgecko!!! Thank man this plant rocks !!!! I for it from him since last year mid August. this plant. And yeah please excuse the photo.. it was taken with a android phone.. Anddd Im getting a Camera XD Gonna start...
  7. Indigo

    Need help with picking a camerca

    HI TF'ers Well... I'm quite newb at this "technology" stuff I'm thinking to get a camera for my CP or maybe other purpose. so anyway, can anyone tell me what should I look for when buying camera? like brand, mega pixel, and other stuff and suggestion??? The budget should be around 300 :0o: XD...
  8. Indigo

    World rarest plant species

    World rarest/bizarre plant species the title explained it. the world most rare plant. can be an endanger species. or can be a plant species that is hard to find. can also be a species grow only in extreme place. also post a link to the picture of that plant :) Edit: swords triger the bizarre...
  9. Indigo

    why are springtails not considered insects

    What the title said. as I was having a conversation with a friend. and she suddenly asked me this question. tired to google it but no source came up. does anyone know? and source link???? Thanks in Advance Indigo
  10. Indigo

    *~*Indigo*~*'s Grow List

    :water:Venus Flytrap - Dionaea muscipula 'D. Big Mouth' ~ Outdoor in Bog 'D. Dentate' ~ Outdoor in Bog 'D. Fused Tooth' ~ Outdoor in Bog 'D. B52" ~ Outdoor in Bog 'D. Typical Form' ~ Outdoor in Bog 'D. Big Vigorous' ~ Outdoor in Bog 'D. Low Giant' ~ Outdoor in Bog (NOTE: All of them got...
  11. Indigo

    what's wrong with my Drosera kenneallyi

    Hello TF'er Wehn i got home from work and check my Drosera kenneallyi growing in outdoor is doign smething weird. Sorry about the bad photographic skill. as you can see that the Drosera kenneallyi starting to grow multi growth point from the rizhome, what should i do? its making the...
  12. Indigo

    Update pic on my ceph

    Hi TF'ers Hello people just wanna get an update on my Ceph. since 2 months ago my terrarium had a nasty gnat attack. and yes gnat is very dangerous they destory my plants from teh root and rot all the way to the top. and i kinda neglected them and let the gnat feast on them 5 nepenthes dead...
  13. Indigo

    No Dormancy CP

    Hello peepos Today I receive some great live sphagnum moss from Crissytal (thank you Crissytal). but it came out more than I need. sooo I had a 20 gallon fish tank thinking of going for a terrarium. but I really hate to disturbing a beautiful terrarium when dormancy come. so could you guys...
  14. Indigo

    growth supliment

    well few days ago i have a high school reunion and everyone there r like 5.10F to 6.2F and i m only 5.6 =[ i m 20 y/o right now many of u might say "you can;t grow taller anymore" etc stuff but is this really true? after 20 and stop? i was search on the web. i saw those growth supliment out...
  15. Indigo

    pot questions

    Hi Guys i need help again :blush: due to a unsuccess dormacy for my vft and D.binata, the reason for death is neglected and top watering in below freezing temperature. and now i m going to start over again but this time i m thinking of mini bog, maybe a 16" ~ 20" mini bog? and my question is...
  16. Indigo

    can rusty water kill your plant?

    Hi peepos well i was rearranging my terrarium and i spot some rust from the little rack which i put inside the terraium (when i bought it it said stainless) (which is not suppose to have rust !! i want my money back!!) and below the rack theres RO water, my terrarium is 3 inch of water with...
  17. Indigo


    why is n.edwardsiana so rare? does anyone here own one?
  18. Indigo

    How many of you...

    halo guys, i have one easy question i want to ask you guys. u see i have 2 timers and 1 for the light and one for the fan. but i don't have one for my fogger.. so i was planning to leave the fan on for 24/7 is this ok? take the timer from the fan to the fogger. and the fan is water proof too...
  19. Indigo

    green eater alert

    well as we all kno that spring is on the way to us( maybe its already spring for some of you guys) and i personally have a fear for spring, first its allergy and the most that i fear is CATERPILLAR those hairy crawler that never kno when to stop eatting. some caterpillar have poisonous hair that...
  20. Indigo

    Ceph Pic

    Hi Guys here is my ceph picture i rihzome division it inside 4 cephs 4 months ago they growing happily, sorry about my bad photographic skill