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  1. Kayota

    What's up with my S. oreophila? Wrinkled pitchers

    What's going on with this lil dude? It's in 50/50 peat moss and perlite, no fertilizers. Watered with rain water and <40 PPM tap (which should be ok from my understanding?). I've never had an issue like this before, really strange. Traps are all twisted and it's not coloring up.
  2. Kayota

    Good species for a bog garden

    I'm getting ready to make a bog garden, and I've never really had success growing any drosera, so what's a species that might do well with VFTs and sarracenia? It needs to withstand the mild Wilammette Valley winter, because I'm not bringing an entire bog garden indoors lol. I currently have...
  3. Kayota

    Looking For (To Buy) VFT Korean Melody Shark

    I'm looking for a D. muscipula "Korean Melody Shark." I've seen it on one site but I was hoping to shop around a bit. Also interested in other varieties or a random assortment. Thank you!
  4. Kayota

    Darlingtonia--where to get

    Hey guys. All my plants died in the awful summer I had in Illinois last year, but I moved to Oregon and now I'm in a great climate for sarrs and VFTs as well as... darlingtonias :) I REALLY want a darlingtonia, where on earth can I get one? Seems like they're pretty rare. Thanks.
  5. Kayota

    Mail from Dewy!

    I received S. alata "Covington LA" in my mail from Dewy today :) Not much to look at yet but I think I have some time to get some pitchers out of them! Needless to say I'm pretty excited :)
  6. Kayota

    Weird weird purpurea growth!

    My Sarracenia purpurea has a really weird pitcher thing going on! Check it out: This thing is shaped just like a pitcher of a different species, but on a stalk! And there are more coming up! What's the deal? oAo (also sorry I've disappeared--all my CPs but my Dana's Delight and my purp are...
  7. Kayota

    What is wrong with my plant?

    You all know how good my flytrap tends to grow. So I divided it because it did divide, and put the two in separate pots. One looks like this: See that weird bud thing that looks like it could be a flower stalk but isn't? And how the traps are growing? What the heck, man. Help?
  8. Kayota

    Letting my VFTs flower this season

    Had great traps last season, this season I want to see flowers. Sir Charles just divided so I will have two. All the ones I got just before dormancy were too weak or small to survive being dormant, I lost all three of them. Also two of my sarrs flowered and I'll be posting photos of those...
  9. Kayota

    How close together?

    Can you plant 4 vfts and a purp 2-3 inches away from each other in the same pot?
  10. Kayota

    End-of-season pics

    VFTs: Sarrs: Deformed lid^
  11. Kayota

    Proof that I am FEMALE

    stupid post.. I was insecure about being ftm trans so that's why I did this :\ for anyone who reads it in the future.
  12. Kayota

    looking for live sphagnum

    I can send a SASE or trade... any takers? PM me for what's available if you want the trade. It's not much.
  13. Kayota

    need I.D. on Home Depot cactus

    Got this ugly thing from home depot: Need to know how often to water and what soil it should be transplanted into as well as sp.
  14. Kayota

    death cube rescue

    I haven't the slightest clue about Drosera, so here's the one from my Saturday Lowe's Death Cube rescue. Also with it: (potted along with my leuco) I am pretty sure that the sarr is S. purpurea... correct me if I'm wrong. I also need care info on the drosera... thanks for any info you...
  15. Kayota

    Wednesday I took my VFT to school.

    The number of stupid things people say... wow. "Put a piece of sausage in it!" "Will it bite?" "Can I stick my finger in it?" "What do you feed it?" "It grosses me out when you touch it." "It's cute! I want to snuggle it!" "Is that a cactus? "Is that a Venus Flytrap?" "I thought that was a...
  16. Kayota

    Propagation experiment

    I'm just doing this for fun so... no comments on how late in the season, lighting, etc. -shrug- I was just bored so I figured I'd try it. I took pullings w/o roots from my S. x 'Dana's Delight' and my VFT typical. I also took a bud from my spider plant as an afterthought, since I've been...
  17. Kayota

    My first nep, finally (pics)

    So this is my N. x ventrata... from Andy, of course. I am quite pleased with the condition the plant arrived in. I put a ladybug in one of the open pitchers. Wish me luck ^^ Also, as a side note, that shelf gets enough light throughout the day - it's just that it's getting late here.
  18. Kayota

    spider mites

    I saw Noddy's thread and the mention of spider mites and wanted to post this photo: Lord I hope it isn't spider mites. ???
  19. Kayota

    My Sarrs (pics)

    My sarrs are doing great... Dana's Delight S. leuco ^the above is the first pitcher I've gotten all year from this plant... quite disappointing. It's only ever grown 1 pitcher a year in the two years I've had it... maybe it will do better next year.
  20. Kayota

    My VFT (pics)

    People requested photos last night soo... ^darkest trap at the moment ^a week ago