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  1. JB_OrchidGuy

    wanted:vent x inermis

    Looking to see if anyone has a cutting available of N. vent x inermis. I traded away a cutting a year or so ago and my plant is currently on a decline. I'd like to trade for a cutting if someone has one available. Thanks. JB
  2. JB_OrchidGuy

    typical vft, filiformis var filiformis and tracyi giveaway for postage.

    As in the title. I'm hosting a giveaway for postage. $6 for a small flat rate box. The winner will need to PayPal Monday. Giveaway ends at 12 noon on Monday the June 1st and I'll ship on Tuesday the 2nd. Winner should also post a givaway as well. I like to keep the pay it forward going. As...
  3. JB_OrchidGuy

    in search of pollen ASAP

    N. [X splendiana x (veitchii x max] x veitchii is flowering female. The flowers popped before I thought they would, and the pollen I had lined up isn't ready yet. I need pollen asap. Flowers are open and fragrant. She is receptive now. 50/50 seed split. In case you're wondering....the peri...
  4. JB_OrchidGuy

    N. Lowii x truncata WP

    Thought I would share a beast I have in the greenhouse. Lowii x truncata wide peristoma
  5. JB_OrchidGuy

    circularion bog table

    Hi guys!! Let's get this party started!! So I was in desperate need to expand my sarrs growing capacity. I had maxed out the current grow area and even had plants just sitting in trays. This was early in the season. But you can see the plants in front of the old circ bog just sitting in...
  6. JB_OrchidGuy

    N.red leopard cutting giveaway

    Time for another pay it forward. I have a division of N. Red Leopard for one lucky winner. Just pay shipping please. The divisions were taken a while ago and placed in water to see how well they would take. All the divisions are growing but none have rooted yet. I'll pick a nicely growing...
  7. JB_OrchidGuy

    Sarracenia pollenation 2014

    I just finished pollenating a few flowers today. I have many many more flowers to pollenate that are not open yet. Mostly rubras. So far here is the list of crosses I am waiting to produce seeds. This is my first attempt so I am just a little excited and hope they turn out!!!! 4/23/2014 Crosses...
  8. JB_OrchidGuy

    Giveaway:Nep 'red leopard' cuttings

    I feel its time to host a giveaway. All I ask is you pay for shipping. Then the winners needs to host a giveaway in the future! This will be the usual sign up in order and on Sunday I will use a random number generator and use the first two numbers for winners. I need to be PMed with your...
  9. JB_OrchidGuy

    drosophylum tips??

    I received some drosophylum seeds five of them at the end of last year. I've been afraid to plant them. I need to plant them and get them going before the go bad. I would greatly appreciate some tips on how to start and maintain this genus. I've never attempted to grow them before and honestly I...
  10. JB_OrchidGuy

    N.denaiflora x truncata flowering

    N. densiflora x truncata I believe its male. Would anyone be interested in pollen in exchange for 50/50 seed split?
  11. JB_OrchidGuy

    N. (splendiana x (veitchii x maxima)] x veitchii

    N. splendiana x [(veitchii x maxima) x veitchii] This cross originated from Crystal. I would like to see other plants of this cross and see how they compare to this one. Yes the peri stays out like that and doesn't curl back.
  12. JB_OrchidGuy

    Encyclia alata

  13. JB_OrchidGuy

    LF: N. bellii

    Just curious is anyone either has an extra one or willing to cut theirs. Maybe we could work out a trade.
  14. JB_OrchidGuy

    N singulana x ventricosa

    Who was it that dispersed their homemade version of this cross. I think it was Exo but I could be mistaken. It was towards the end of last year. I received a seed packet. I have 8-10 sprouts and super excited about them. Took a while for them to get going but now I have my largest at around dime...
  15. JB_OrchidGuy

    N. "Marbled Dragon"

    This guy is doing really well. Getting back to its former glory. Two growth points with both of them putting on size. This is the original and I also have the remake with the red truncata. I look forward to seeing the differences. Anyone care to share their N. "Marbled Dragon"?
  16. JB_OrchidGuy

    Sir Grills A Lot

    I like smoked butt and I cannot lie You other brothas can't deny When a guy walks in with BBQ sauce and a perfectly cooked butt you get sprung, you wanna pull out forks cause you notices that butt was smoked. Deep in the grill its cooking, I'm hooked and I can't stop sniffing. Oh baby I wanna...
  17. JB_OrchidGuy

    Outaide grow area.

    Outside LL grow area. So I had to make a little detour seeing as how my GH wasn't going to be finished any time soon due to finances. So I had to setup a new outside grow area. My goal is to build the bench and extend the shade cloth over the top of it. I have plenty of shade cloth on the...
  18. JB_OrchidGuy

    A few pics from the bog.

    Leah Wilkerson Oreo Minor Group shot
  19. JB_OrchidGuy

    Strange Heli leaf

    Butch have you seen a heli do this before? The plant is in front of the fan. Its a nutans hybrid. And before I'm told. I know these guys need more light.
  20. JB_OrchidGuy

    New GH project

    Yesterday I started salvaging blocks from the property adjacent to mine. Gathered 60 blocks before I called it quits. Today I started with the foundation to my GH expantion project. My 8x8 was just not going to hold my hl nepenthes as they grow. And not to mention I have my LL stuff outside...