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  1. Indigo

    This is what happens when you leave a terrarium unattended for 3 months

    How did the terrarium looks like before you dropped it off to your moms house?
  2. Indigo

    ??? Ant problem please help.

    one of my N.truncata has grown to a size that is shading half of my windowsill plant and i think its ready to take on some more hardy temperature, which is outside in a shady porch. so I repotted it into a 12 inch diameter wide 18 inch tall pot. so the soil don;t dry out more quickly and can...
  3. Indigo

    More Marylanders !! Hii Anna,

    More Marylanders !! Hii Anna,
  4. Indigo

    VOTE Pepsi to Prevent Extinction!!!

    Voting everyday :)
  5. Indigo

    The time has come

    Cute ! Look how happy he is
  6. Indigo

    ping question

    Nice ping :) Let it grow
  7. Indigo

    Devil's Claw Picture Thread 2009

    :-)) ty for point it out I was meant to type perlite
  8. Indigo

    Went looking for local carnivorous plants

    Beautiful lake ! Where is that may I ask?
  9. Indigo

    Devil's Claw Picture Thread 2009

    to jimscott: How come your Devil get so massive.. If I recall correctly mines sprout 2 weeks a head of yours. maybe its the soil? I planted them in a mini bog with polite and peat mix. they do better on ground soil? My devil's claw is only 1/3 the size of yours *shame*
  10. Indigo

    Is it ok to use coffee on rooted cuttings?

    I think you have one cutting planted upside down.
  11. Indigo

    cephalotus Hummer's Giant!

    Woooahhhh Nice HG Looks like it comes with a D.cap too :D
  12. Indigo

    Aloe Question

    Don;t know much about aloe. if you want healthy aloe keep them in shaddy bright spot with cool air, soil should be always moist. where i grew up, theres a uncared aloe site where aloe grow naturally under those condition. but its a sub-tropical area. the weather condition is so much different...
  13. Indigo

    My New Babies

    Congratulations on your new babies, they look just like their parents:rolleyes:
  14. Indigo

    Mini-bog groupings

    I assume you already knew that D.capensis doesn;t need dormancy, and they will most likely to get frost cooked by over the winter in a Mini-bog. I would recommend just use a large pot for your D.cap.
  15. Indigo

    worst pain ever

    Well... When you gonna do something to yourself such as getting your sensitive part pierced you already know you gonna get the pain. my lame worse pain is a belly flop hahaha
  16. Indigo

    Who cares about VA pitcher plants?

    I care ! I went there last week but only for a short stop though. didn't find any CP =/
  17. Indigo

    D. binata var dichotoma

    Nice D.Binata you got there :D. D. binata is one of my favorite CP. fast grower and amazing to watch tiny insect fail to struggle free:rolleyes:
  18. Indigo

    couple nep pics..

    Nice Hummer !
  19. Indigo

    A Few Collection Photos

    My morning was like this :sleepy: and then goes like :0o: