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  1. MrAga73

    Bugs in my (wine) cellar?!? * Photos

    Hello to everyones! I was so happy about my new project as I found that after more than one month someone is eating my Nepenthes! I have damages only on little and medium Nepenthes...they did not seem to have touch the big briggsiana....maybe it is not so tasty for them! ;) What it does...
  2. MrAga73

    Plant selling for EEE 2008 Carnivorous Meeting in Italy for NON Professionist Sellers

    Hello to everyone! All people who will partecipate to the EEE 2008 European Carnivorous Plants Meeting in Italy this September will have the opportunity to sell their own plants in the NON Professional Sellers Area. For further informations and rules please visit : http://www.aipcnet.it/...
  3. MrAga73

    Nepenthes CLIPEATA clones? Have you any?

    Hello to all! The European Carnivorous Meeting in Leiden is approaching fast and I am preparing my plants wish list! I want to buy a Nepenthes clipeata but there are several clones avaiable. The pure clones are sold as Clone 2, Clone 3 and Clone U. Do you have any clipeata growing in your...
  4. MrAga73

    Nepenthes lowii x ventriocosa?

    Hello to all! I would like to have a lowii x ventricosa plant ( also called Nep. bridgisiana ). Someone is able to help me or at least to tell me where to buy it in Europe? Thanks a lot! Mr_Aga Milan - Italy
  5. MrAga73

    He is coming to HELP me!!! PHOTOS!

    Finally there is someone who is coming to help some of my plants in my terrarium! Here are the photos! See yah! Mr_Aga Milan - Italy
  6. MrAga73

    FAMOUS Nepenthes Fertilizers

    Hello to everyone! I wanted to try Miracid in order to fertilize my Nepenthes or at least some of them that are a little too slow. Looking on the net I found 2 versions of Miracid that makes me some confusions....which on I should buy? And are those ones the right ones? I post here 2 pics...
  7. MrAga73

    MY New Nepenthes bacteria Infection?

    Hello to everyone! Since this is my first time I am in front this problem I post here in order to could have help for this! My little ephippiata that grows without problems in my terrarium suddently from one days to another is covered partially with something WHITE and THICK....what the hell is...
  8. MrAga73


    Aahhahahahahhaah!!! It is your time to die nowwwww!!!! Like I did 365 days ago..now it is time again for you to die! Touch my carnivorous plants and you are a dead me...like me! Aahahhaha! Post your fears and your own Halloween Photos here...it is the right day! Mr_Aga
  9. MrAga73

    Micro Elements only for Nepenthes are OK?

    Hello to all! Boys...tomorrow 19 will be my birthday and I want also to make something nice for my Nepenthes that lies into my terrarium! CAN I water on tghe leafes and in substrate some micro elements diluited in osmotic water? Just to be clear, I am NOT talking about giving Osmocote or a...
  10. MrAga73

    PHOTO of my Happy Terrarium Plants!

    Amazing! When I raise humidity into my terrarium they always react very nicely! Just check the following pic! Byee! Mr_Aga Milan - ITALY
  11. MrAga73

    EEE Bonn 23-24 Sept 06 - Let's Meet us there!

    Hello to everyone! I wanted to post this in other place but I didn't find the appropriate one.Since I write the most of times in this zone of Forum this is what I want to tell you : I will patecipate on the EEE European Carnivorous Meeting held in Bonn ( Germany ) on 23 and 24 September 2006...
  12. MrAga73

    PHOTO Nepenthes ILLNESS!!!

    Hello Carnivorous world! I need this time your help! I have already an idea...but not all is totally clear to me. So...I went on holidays for 18 days and when I returned I realized that the dead had blow over my poor plants!   3 Dead plants : 1 villosa , 1 Inermis Clone B and a Tentaculata. I...
  13. MrAga73

    Nepenthes MIKEY Heart ATTACK???

    Man... I cannot believe it.I was not used to see Nepenthes die so fast and without giving an advice! This was the story: I bought the Nep from www.bestcarnivorousplants.com on 3 th June and on 4 th June it was already in its peat moss, dried sphagnum,coconuts chips and perlite. The plant after...
  14. MrAga73

    FOTO feeding Nep. TRUNCATA with FISH !!!

    Hello to everybody! with this topic and photos I could called a crudelious person, but I have in my life many questions and I want the answers for all them. Finally after 2 years and half my truncata has become big enough developing a pitcher of nearly 22 cm ! So I feed it with a fresh living...
  15. MrAga73

    Nepenthes Villosa MALFORMATION PHOTOS

    Hello to everyone! My same villosa that was outside home end November 2005 while it was snowing and that now lives in terrarium has developed a strage leaf....or...? The plant during those 3 months has grown very nice and quickly and always more better ( just check the leafes and the last...
  16. MrAga73

    PHOTO TOUR Impollinating Nepenthes Procedure!

    Hello to everyone! Thanks to the pollen agency I received some fresh pollen from a guy of Austria. I live in Italy. After more than 2 years my Female Nepenthes ventrata is flowering! I wanted absolutely have the opportunity to try to get seeds from my dear plant. Since it is the first time that...
  17. MrAga73

    nice guy Inside! Feeding Nepenthes with SNAILS !!!

    Ok ok...I wanted you to show in the middle of this dark night how devil I am....since I didn't find insects to feed my Nepenthes truncata , reinwardtiana , rajah and ventrinermis [ ventricosa x inermis ] I decide to collect some fresh snails ! Here are the pics ! I gave 2 big of them to my...
  18. MrAga73

    PROPAGATION trough Nepenthes flowers : HOW?

    Hello to everyone! This time it is me that needs help! It is easy to receive seed from the union of 2 Nepenthes? If I have a male and a female nepenthes how is the procedure to have seeds from them? It is easy? It is enough to give pollen just to a single male stigma? Last question : Ibrid seeds...
  19. MrAga73

    OSMOCOTE Testing on Nepenthes SUCCESSFULLY!

    OK TIME TO GIVE RESULTS!!!! When I received  this Nepenthes reinwardtiana from a dear friend it was given to me as a "mission impossible" quest,but after several months of keeping open eyes on this dwarf plant of more than one year old I came to some results.... Since the plant didn't react to...
  20. MrAga73

    Nepenthes DUBIA : Experiences and Photos?

    Hello to everyone! Well...having a Nepenthes dubia at home is not so common,so, if you have one in your cultivation list don't esitate to put questions, telling your experiences and to post some photos! I have a Nepenthes dubia since September and it is growing fine, even a bit slowly! I will...