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  1. drosera5150

    Drosera ascendens x schwackei

    Hello Friends, Well, it looks like Spring has sprung...in Florida at least! ;D Here's a few fast shots of my Drosera ascendens x schwackei in flower. A special thanks to Dani O. for letting me grow this fantastic hybrid. ;) [Edit: The status of Drosera ascendens or Drosera villosa var...
  2. drosera5150

    H. chimantensis photos

    Hello Friends, Here's a few more quick shots of one of my Heliamphora chimantensis plants. The cooler temperatures are assisting in coloring them up a little more... ;)
  3. drosera5150

    H. sp. "Angasima" photos

    Hello Friends, Here's a few quick shots of one of my Heliamphora sp. "Angasima" plants, with emphasis on the nectar spoon. Please enjoy! :) Brian
  4. drosera5150

    H. sp. "Akopan" photos

    Hello Friends, As promised, today begins posting of the Heliamphora species within my collection. Other Heliamphora growers please feel free to post photos of said species as well if you have them! I think we can make an awesome thread by doing so... :) Happy Growing, Brian
  5. drosera5150

    Mt. Roraima Expeditions 2011

    Dear Friends, I hope you all have had a pleasant start to 2011. As you may be aware, Redfern Natural History Productions has raised and donated over US $ 8,000 to support the work of Meadowview Biological Research Station in the conservation of the habitat of Sarracenia and other carnivorous...
  6. drosera5150

    H. sp. "Foothills Testigos"

    Hey Friends, Since few photos exist online of this magnificent new Heliamphora species...presenting Heliamphora sp. "Foothills Testigos" ; Note the slight differential between this red pitcher and the tallest one in the pot.. Here's a quick shot of one of the Heli-nursery chambers...
  7. drosera5150

    D. prolifera photos

    Hey Friends, Here's a few quick shots of D. prolifera in flower. :) More of the "Three Sisters" to follow soon! Happy Growing, Brian
  8. drosera5150

    D. schizandra photos

    Hello Everyone, Since most of the world is frozen now, I figured a few quick shots of my D. schizandra might warm folks up a bit.... :) So far, the largest is hitting the 6 inch (15 cm) diameter mark. Stay Warm! Brian
  9. drosera5150

    NEW Byblis hybrid

    Hello Friends, At last, after repeated failures which I now relate to our extremely high Florida humidity, I've finally managed to create a successful hybrid cross between Byblis 'Goliath' and Byblis rorida. By removing the anthers from the flower and bringing them indoors where humidity was...
  10. drosera5150

    Stew McPherson Fl. Panhandle Tour

    Hello All, Recently I had the pleasure of showing Stewart McPherson some CP sites in the Fl. Panhandle, including the famous Tate's Hell Preserve, known for it's outstanding Sarracenia leucophylla colonies. Here's a few photos to wet your whistle... ; ) More to follow, along with a new HD video...
  11. drosera5150

    New D. filiformis hybrids.

    Hello Friends, I'm pleased to introduce two new destinct and upcoming Drosera filiformis X tracyi cultivars. All cross-pollination efforts were strictly controlled via plant separation combined with anther removal prior to pollen production on all flowers chosen for crossing, to avoid any...
  12. drosera5150

    Italian CP Society Conservation.

    Hello Friends and fellow enthusiasts, The Italian CP Society (AIPC) has just updated their website showing all of their current conservational efforts to date. I urge all CP enthusiasts to support their magnificent efforts! It is a most worthy cause...
  13. drosera5150

    Florida Field Trip 2010

    Hello Friends, Well, after finally getting my new greenhouse complete, I have more free time to post to the Forums... ;) Recently, Peter Houtkamp came to visit from The Netherlands to see some native CP 'in situ'. Despite the hot temperatures (103F heat index), there were still some nice...
  14. drosera5150

    Byblis pulvinus video, Pt. 2.

    Hello Friends, Here's another great film by Siggi Hartmeyer showing the extreme pulvinic movement that is present in Byblis liniflora'David'. The same such pulvinic movement was first documented in 2008 with Byblis 'Goliath'...
  15. drosera5150

    D. filiformis hybrid video!

    Hello Friends, Here's my latest video showing the beautiful Drosera filiformis'Florida red' and it's hybrids with Drosera tracyi, all 'in situ'. The video contains a few familiar and well-known faces from the CP world, along with a few surprises as well! I hope everyone enjoys it...
  16. drosera5150

    S. alabamensis video is done!

    Hello Friends, The ICPS is pleased to announce the release of the first-ever S. alabamensis conservational video. The main goal of this video is to raise public awareness of the desperate conservational needs of this and many other CP species and their associated flora. Secondly, it shows...
  17. drosera5150

    Byblis pulvinus video!

    Hello Friends, Here's a great film showing pulvinic movement within the genus Byblis; http://icps.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=byblis&action=display&thread=4059&page=1 More information can be read on pulvinus movement in Byblis (B. liniflora 'David') in the current June 2010 issue of CPN...
  18. drosera5150

    Byblis hybridization failed...

    Hello Friends, Here's some interesting photos showing pedicels decending via pulvini in Byblis gigantea. Pedicels in Byblis that move via pulvini was first documented in June of 2008 with B. 'Goliath'. Let's start with a photo taken before pollination; And now, some photos of the pulvini...
  19. drosera5150

    New Drosera hybrid...finally!

    Hello Friends, A few years back I made an interesting cross between Drosera filiformis "Florida red form" and Drosera tracyi"white flower, antho-free". Finally after a long wait, it has finally flowered and shows some interesting characteristics of both parents involved. Introducing; D...
  20. drosera5150

    Sarracenia flower pics...

    Hello Friends, Here's a few halfway decent shots of a few of my Sarracenia in flower. More to follow soon! Happy Growing, :) Brian.