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    New Nepenthes Books

    My "Pitcher Plants of the Old World" Vol. 1 & 2 finally arrived yesterday. These books are tremendous. Stayed up til 2AM reading Vol. 1. Any nepenthes enthusiast needs to have these books in their library.
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    Need to make space/Some Neps for shipping.

    I have the following available to a good home: 1) N. ventricosa, small plant with 3 growth points; grown in intermediate conditions. Got this plant as a rescue 2 years ago; nothing special; just getting overgrown. Has numerous small pitchers. 2) N sanguinea "Orange" Very nice plant with...
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    Drosera whittakeri question?

    I just recieved a tuber of D. whittakeri ssp. whittakeri and was wondering: 1) Should I go ahead and pot it up in its media or wait til fall for cooler temps? 2) I have heard these need a nightly temp drop but have also read of them being kept in constant 70-80F temps. Whats the scoop? 3)...
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    N. khasiana windowsill growing.

    I have an N. khasiana ( spelled correct?) that I've had for about 2 months. I am trying to acclimate it to a covered south facing window for some time. It is getting good sunlight and I mist it 4 or 5 times a day. When I got it it had one small pitcher which it dropped in the first week. I...
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    Looking for a N. tenuis

    I have been looking for a source for N. tenuis. Only place seen available is from well known German supplier and will not have anymore. Looking for a private source.
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    Whats Up???

    I have been keeping Neps for many years but am relatively new to keeping VFT's. I currently have 7 different types/cultivars of VFT's and my newest one is Low Giant. It seems to be producing a flower stalk when my other VFT's seem to be slowing growth in preparation for winter/dormancy. By...
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    N. mirabilis "echinostomata" searching for.

    Does anyone have or know of any source that may have N. mirabilis "echinostomata". I have been looking for one for 1-1/2 years to no avail. Trying to replace a specimen I lost to salt water when Hurricane Ivan destroyed my greenhouse.
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    Highland greenhouse.

    Looking to start a small Highland greenhouse and have a few questions. Starting up a 6'x8'x7' greenhouse and in my area outside temps in summer run 95-100F during the day. I will have to use a swamp cooler to keep temps low during the day. At night this summer most temps running between 80-85F...
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    macamus3 growlist

    Nepenthes "species" 1) N. ampullaria Bau green 2) N. bicalcarata Red x orange 3) N. albomarginata green 4) N. albomarginata Kuching purple 5) N. rajah 6) N. ramispina 7) N. rafflesiana typical 8) N. ventricosa 9) N. sanguinea orange 10) N. hamata Nepenthes "hybrids" 1) N. x...
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    N. ramispina tips.

    I have been researching this species on the web and am getting tons of conflicting information about. Some claim it is a very easy species to grow and very adaptable. While others claim it is extremely difficult. Anyone out there had success and would be willing to share tips? I have aquired...
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    Hello from LA

    Hello all, I'm from LA that is lower Alabama in Orange Beach on the Gulf of Mexico. Currently rebuilding my Nepenthes collection after the hurricanes of the past two years. Also in process of rebuilding my greenhouse albeit much smaller this time around due to monetary restrictions. Oh well...