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  1. JB_OrchidGuy

    N. splendiana x [(veitchii x maxima) x veitchii]

    Mine is still growing strong. 6' vine, multi growth points and still in a 4" pot! Lol mine is female. There is a post here on it. It grows like mad.
  2. JB_OrchidGuy

    Recent experiences shipping to California?

    Tanukimo, yes I've received them as well. The issues lie in the fact the soil is what regulated and they cannot check every package coming in. The worst states for getting stopped are Cali, Fla, and possibly a thirds I can't remember. The plants themselves they could care less about. Its...
  3. JB_OrchidGuy

    Recent experiences shipping to California?

    Ouch the whole California thing. Well good luck trying to ship anything potted.that's a big no no to California. Also. I pay for my nematode test yearly so I don't have any problems.I've actually purchased for a known member in the community just to ship to them as part of a trade. Because the...
  4. JB_OrchidGuy

    Recent experiences shipping to California?

    Not a Number, I'm not sure where you got the part about "without the rigid regulation required for a commercial nursery" from, bu moot I have to meet the same as any other nursery in SC. My license is just free because I'm a hobbies. I still pay for the tags. And my inspector has mentioned how...
  5. JB_OrchidGuy

    Big Box of Nepenthes Giveaway!!!

    1. Randoja 2. SgtSarracenia - although random cuttings, will they be labeled? Either way, great giveaway! 3 paulkoop 4. RandyS - thanks, Chris! 5. huy716- thanks 6. Chris_Himself 7. unprofessiona - crazy giveaway! 8. rjhaway - thanks Chris! 9. JB_orchidguy- woooah thanks for the chance! 10.
  6. JB_OrchidGuy

    Nepenthes Give Away

    1. rjhaway - Thank you for the opportunity! What a generous offer! 2. Darlantin - Thank you! 3. J.Gennaro thanks!!!! 4 SerMuncherIV 5.Jds197 Thank you! 6. hcarlton-Thanks for the chance! 7. huy716- Thanks 8. Tje25- thank you very much!! 9. NatchGreyes - Thanks! 10. ps3isawesome - thanks! 11...
  7. JB_OrchidGuy

    Fresh Nepenthes seed giveaway!

    Seeds have arrived and are planted. Thanks Dex and Zhu!
  8. JB_OrchidGuy

    N. edwardsiana growers - come in!

    Wow these are truly fantastic. Looking forward to mine getting up to size. Thanks for sharing.
  9. JB_OrchidGuy

    Nepenthes truncata X spectabilis

    wow that was quick. Congrats Ambanja. This is a nice one!!
  10. JB_OrchidGuy

    Seed Grown Nepenthes spectabilis Giveaway/Contest

    1) pearldiver Let's try that again. http://www.ebay.com/itm/keep-your-pe...item51b6a1a097 2) theplantman: Necessary equipment for all the professional air guitar players out there: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Air-Guitar-S...item25a90f3f01 3) DragonsEye --Here's one for ya .... GIANT Museum Grade...
  11. JB_OrchidGuy

    Axelrod's photo thread

    Everything is looking great! How's the AS doing??
  12. JB_OrchidGuy

    Nepenthes maxima wavy leaves and mini giveaway

    1. NatchGreyes - Thanks! 2. sflynn - Wow, this is a great giveaway, thanks! 3.JB_orchidguy thanks for the chance!
  13. JB_OrchidGuy

    Fresh Nepenthes seed giveaway!

    1.)Dexenthes <3 2.) hcarlton 3.) Eric_N Thank you, Zu! o3o 4.) Knuckles - 5.) RandyS Thank You, Zu and Dexenthes! 6.) Fatbunny - big thank you both of you! 7.) ps3isawesome - thank you so much! beautiful plant 8.) That One Guy THANKS Zu! 9.) Incognito - Thanks for both of you! 10.)jwalker -...
  14. JB_OrchidGuy

    Seed pack for S.A.S.E

    1. JayAustin - very nice! 2. unprofessiona - vft cross sounds cool! 3. patrickntd - Cool! thanks. 4. jimscott Thanx! 5. ZeRoKooL - Very cool! Thanks! 6. David F- Great giveaway sir! 7. SerMuncherIV - Fantastic giveaway, I'll give the S. jonesii seeds back to the community if I win! 8. Darlantin...
  15. JB_OrchidGuy

    Seed Giveaway

    Wow thanks!! I didn't even realize I won till I saw the seeds in the mail today. Wow what a surprise!
  16. JB_OrchidGuy

    typical vft, filiformis var filiformis and tracyi giveaway for postage.

    Per Random Number generator #6 Daniel is the winner.
  17. JB_OrchidGuy

    wanted:vent x inermis

    Looking to see if anyone has a cutting available of N. vent x inermis. I traded away a cutting a year or so ago and my plant is currently on a decline. I'd like to trade for a cutting if someone has one available. Thanks. JB
  18. JB_OrchidGuy

    Nepenthes villosa

    Butch, temps are the same as mine roughly maybe slightly cooler at night. Max temps the same. Lights are the same. Nothing is harmed so far by the reduced light and its making the wife happier. So. We'll see how things go. Its been too short a of a period to tell really
  19. JB_OrchidGuy

    typical vft, filiformis var filiformis and tracyi giveaway for postage.

    As in the title. I'm hosting a giveaway for postage. $6 for a small flat rate box. The winner will need to PayPal Monday. Giveaway ends at 12 noon on Monday the June 1st and I'll ship on Tuesday the 2nd. Winner should also post a givaway as well. I like to keep the pay it forward going. As...
  20. JB_OrchidGuy

    Seed Giveaway

    1. Cthulhu138 - Thanks ! I will be holding a Drosera tuber giveaway as soon as the plants are fully dormant. 2. unprofessiona - looking forward to giving back 3. chch - I'll share some seeds with my CP buddy in a nearby town 4. ZeRoKooL - Thank you! My filiformis is shooting up a flower stalk...