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  1. hcarlton

    The rest of the mess

    Since I have enough other weird things that aren't carnivores or aroids, probably should have their own thread Iris verna by Hawken Carlton, on FlickrIris verna by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr Iris verna by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr Iris by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr This was the first of the US...
  2. hcarlton

    (PAID) (Herbz187 $17) Drosera glanduligera seeds!

    One more for grins: a packet of 20-40 seeds of Drosera glanduligera! This is a winter-grower that needs a hot stratification period over summer and very cool, bright conditions in winter to do well (I find it's happy in the highland tent in winter), and a very sandy peat soil. US or Canada...
  3. hcarlton

    (PAID) (John7429 $17) Sauromatum venosum

    Gonna offer up a handful (2-4) of small dormant tubers for this fun aroid. Fairly hardy (had one survive in a garden box accidentally over winter here in zone 5) and grows well in any rich, well-draining soil; leaves on this form can sometimes grow almost 4 feet tall, and about 3 feet across...
  4. hcarlton

    Phrog Vid!

    For those who may enjoy native amphibians:
  5. hcarlton

    (PAID) (Mollie.Anne $34) Pinguicula nahuelbutensis seeds

    Up for auction: 1 packet of approximately 20-40 freshly harvested (5/19/21) seeds of Pinguicula nahuelbutensis! From the parent plants as seen in the photos below; I can offer this to the US or Canada, shipping paid for by the buyer: in the US one of 3 methods ($1 standard, $4 padded First...
  6. hcarlton

    (PAID) (ScappooseCarns $20) Nepenthes Rokko "Exotica" x (spectabilis x mira) -rooted cutting

    For auction is one (1) rooted basal cutting of the stated hybrid, a chunky and tolerant plant with purple-mottled pitchers and a thick peristome striped in varying shades of red and cream. First two photos are a mature pitcher from the parent plant, last is representative of one of the rooted...
  7. hcarlton

    For Sale Drosera gemmae

    I have a lot of some of the first couple, limited quantities of others, and as they don't last terribly long in storage need to send them out sooner over later: D. pygmaea "green" -$5 D. roseana -$6 D. paleacea -$7 D. pedicellaris x callistos -$8 D. platystigma "dark orange" -$15 US Only.
  8. hcarlton

    Cobras: Take 2

    Haven't had seeds on hand any time recently, but after failure several years ago with my last seedling batch, we're trying again with something a little more established: Darlingtonia californica by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr Darlingtonia californica by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr Darlingtonia...
  9. hcarlton

    New Challenge: Bug Plants

    This is probably most likely to end up in failure...but since I seem to be succeeding grandly with now all 3 of the perennial Byblis, I might as well try tackling the other touchy Mediterranean carnivores. We'll start with this one: Roridula gorgonias by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr Clearly a TC...
  10. hcarlton

    Devil's Claws

    It is with great disappointment that my Proboscidea parviflora var. hohokamiana seeds seem to have aged out and won't germinate...but, louisianica are still perfectly fertile it seems, and doing very well this year Proboscidea louisianica by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr Proboscidea louisianica by...
  11. hcarlton

    Flower Watch 2020

    What the hell, I'll start... It is NOT spring yet, but 'Abandoned Hope' does not care. S. 'Abandoned Hope' by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr Nor, apparently, does my flava atropurpurea, oreophila x flava rubricorporas, and a couple others, as they're all waking up too...
  12. hcarlton


    Gathering a bunch of these now...and I'll start the thread with one that very few people have ever heard of, the Pig's Butt Arum :D Helicodiceros muscivorus by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr Helicodiceros muscivorus by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr Just leaves right now, but it's big enough that it...
  13. hcarlton

    On Royal Wings

    Starting a separate thread in case further endeavors branch out, but for now, I have one new temporary guest to the house that I must share: Cecropia moth by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr I was given a cocoon as a free gift alongside some mantid ooths, and it finally hatched out yesterday! Sadly, I...
  14. hcarlton

    Looking For (trade) Pollen Needed!

    My N. Rokko x ("thorelii" x aristolochioides) Clone A is preparing to bloom, and it looks like it's gonna turn out female. US only. N. 'Rokko' x ("thorelii" x aristolochioides) Clone A by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr N. 'Rokko' x ("thorelii" x aristolochioides) Clone A by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr
  15. hcarlton

    I caved....

    And finally bought one of those garden center Phalaenopsis. We'll see whether or not it lives... Phalaenopsis by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr
  16. hcarlton

    Attention all Flickr Users!

    Some saw this coming from miles off, but Flickr is going the same way Photobucket did. All free accounts will be relegated to 1,000 images, period, unless you pay $50 to upgrade and retain all your pics.
  17. hcarlton

    An Aldrovanda Attempt

    About two weeks ago, I received this dinky little thing... A. vesiculosa by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr I expected my conditions to rapidly kill it, being the tank I have it in hasn't been supporting even U. gibba very well until just recently (that species grows better in a half-dry tray on a...
  18. hcarlton

    Give Away Seeds, seeds, lots of seeds!

    Hello all! It's been a while since I've done a giveaway, but I've had a set of seeds tucked away for a little while that I think would be a great beginner's pack, or even an experimental mix for more experienced growers. I have only 2 rules (aside from the usual sign-up procedure): this is for...
  19. hcarlton

    Mantid Madness!

    So just recently I got into a new hobby, one that I tried a couple of times years back (before I knew what I was doing) with no success, and thus far things are looking a lot more promising.... Of course for keeping predatory insects, you need stuff to feed them with, and my main food source...
  20. hcarlton

    Early Birthday Giveaway

    Hello all, So it's about a month before I actually have my birthday, but by then these guys might be way too far along, so decided to do it early. Up for grabs are two packets of Drosera gemmae, D. roseana and D. pygmaea "green;" each is a separate list, and there will be two winners, one for...