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  1. Lucanidae

    Portland Carnivorous Plant Society

    I have no way to get outside of Portland :(
  2. Lucanidae

    Portland Carnivorous Plant Society

    I'll have to think of places to meet. I wonder if any local nurseries and/or curio shops would be interested in participating. Or at least allowing us to leave them info cards or whatever.
  3. Lucanidae

    Portland Carnivorous Plant Society

    I wouldn't mind attendin'.
  4. Lucanidae


    Art nouveau is my favorite thing ever. Going to try fiddling around with that style when I get home, thanks for the idea!
  5. Lucanidae


    Thanks do much you guys! I'll definitely take suggestions for cp shirts into consideration! There's no guarantee that they'll be printed, but it would be awesome, and I could look into printing myself if there is demand. We'll have to see.
  6. Lucanidae


    Thanks a lot! I'm really hoping that I can at least get some awesome carnivorous plant shirts made. That would be so cool!
  7. Lucanidae


    Hey guys, it's me! Long time, no post, and I aim to fix that. So I have a design up on the Tshirt site, Threadless, and I really want it to get printed so I can wear it as well as get my work out there. However, for that to happen, I need votes which will help my shirt be considered for...
  8. Lucanidae

    D. graomogolensis

    So beautiful! What conditions do you have yours in?
  9. Lucanidae

    Black Friday special on 5 tier rack from lowes w/ free shipping

    It's quite tempting. Curses! How can I make this work out financially...
  10. Lucanidae

    MEMBERS PHOTOS!  Let us see you!

    Random-tastic blurrific photo Going to the beach with my Nepenthes tat. How I sometimes draw myself: And, for halloween, I leave you with this: Pics of my halloween costume later!
  11. Lucanidae

    Cephalotus Eden Black Seeds Thank the Lord!

    Airedale Terrier? Portugese water dog?
  12. Lucanidae

    Introducing myself

    Hi, and welcome to TF! I'm in Portland as well, North Portland, to be not-so-specific!
  13. Lucanidae

    Later, alligator.

    +1 for truth. Just stop posting instead of making something big of it. However, if you are leaving due to something awesome you'd like to share, that's cool. I don't like pity party threads. Also, if what I saw in the archives was the only reason, wow. :/
  14. Lucanidae

    Nepenthes ventrata giveaway!

    Hi everyone! After using a random picker (http://andrew.hedges.name/experiments/random/pickone.html) in lieu of a hat, it looks like Schejuka is the winner! Zacham3 also gets a cutting! Also, screw what I said before, shipping is on me. :3 I'll PM the winners, and look out for more giveaways...
  15. Lucanidae

    N. hamata for trade!

    Hi guys, it's not dead. Been pretty busy and haven't really had the time to sit and go through offers, but it's my Friday, so I'll go through them tonight. I'm kind of rethinking my growspace, so anyone is welcome to make offers!
  16. Lucanidae

    Nepenthes ventrata giveaway!

    Closing tomorrow night at 9pm Pacific standard time!
  17. Lucanidae

    N. hamata for trade!

    Hi everyone! Up for trade I have an AW N. hamata (Clone 1). It's about 2" across, and has put out new growth in my care, however it hasn't pitchered since I received it in late July. I think my conditions are a bit too hot right now for it, and I honestly don't want hamata as much as I thought I...
  18. Lucanidae

    Nepenthes ventrata giveaway!

    A couple months ago, I was hackin' away at my neps, and decided to try rooting a cutting of N. 'ventrata' in water. Well, it worked! I know it's not a huge deal or anything, but I'm going to give it away, all you pay is shipping (because I'm kinda broke, haha). In a few days, I'll throw all the...
  19. Lucanidae

    Happy Birthday To Est

    Happy birthday!
  20. Lucanidae

    N. Maxima x truncata female for trade

    Thanks for the offer, though I'm looking for plants that are a bit older, and have a LOT of mirabilis and viking crosses right now.