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  1. Lucanidae


    Hey guys, it's me! Long time, no post, and I aim to fix that. So I have a design up on the Tshirt site, Threadless, and I really want it to get printed so I can wear it as well as get my work out there. However, for that to happen, I need votes which will help my shirt be considered for...
  2. Lucanidae

    N. hamata for trade!

    Hi everyone! Up for trade I have an AW N. hamata (Clone 1). It's about 2" across, and has put out new growth in my care, however it hasn't pitchered since I received it in late July. I think my conditions are a bit too hot right now for it, and I honestly don't want hamata as much as I thought I...
  3. Lucanidae

    Nepenthes ventrata giveaway!

    A couple months ago, I was hackin' away at my neps, and decided to try rooting a cutting of N. 'ventrata' in water. Well, it worked! I know it's not a huge deal or anything, but I'm going to give it away, all you pay is shipping (because I'm kinda broke, haha). In a few days, I'll throw all the...
  4. Lucanidae

    N. Maxima x truncata female for trade

    Up for trade is a female maxima x truncata, which is just too big for my terrarium, and I don't have the space or money to expand. Open to offers, on my growlist or not. Preferably small neps. I'm at work on my phone right now, so no pics, but I can send them upon request. I've got no preference...
  5. Lucanidae

    Lightbox Experiment

    Set up a quicky light box, going to fiddle with images later, but these are unedited. Will post pics once they are fiddled with.
  6. Lucanidae

    My new buddy :3

    My new green iguana! I'm working on purchasing or making a permanent enclosure for him soon, as he will outgrow his tank in a matter of months, if not weeks XD
  7. Lucanidae

    My Bachelor Pad! DUW

    So, I moved into my apartment a little over two weeks ago, and promised pics. Here we go! Let's begin with my fridge! My Mother of Thousands in the kitchen. The kitchen: Final Wars Gigan on my fridge: View from the kitchen of the dining area: View of the livingroom from the dining...
  8. Lucanidae

    My new Nepenthes tattoo! :3

    I lovelovelove it, and I really adore the guy who did it. He did my first tattoo as well.
  9. Lucanidae

    Windowsill growin'

    Crappy pics, but here's my cobra growin' on my windowsill. Gets a LOT of sunlight, especially in teh afternoon. Nice red coloration on the tongues and traps. Might take more photos later, with my good camera. Right now, however, it is breakfast time.
  10. Lucanidae

    New little feller. Owch.

    Adopted this little dude today! He's going to take a lot of work, but I'm fine with that. His previous owners weren't providing a good environment for him. They had loud dogs, and lots of people in their house, and in general a noisy atmosphere. Poor guy is so skittish, and threat clicks a bit...
  11. Lucanidae

    Selling my Deadmau5 tickets :(

    Hi, just wanted to give anyone interested a heads up. Sadly, I won't be able to afford the trip to Seattle this next month, so I'm selling my Deadmau5 tickets for the show on 8/18/11. I need to get monies to pay off bills and rent and all that great stuff, plus I gotta eat, so this trip I've...
  12. Lucanidae

    Chameleons? Pygmy chameleons?

    Hi everyone, I've been looking at chameleons lately, and am super duper in love with pygmy leaf chameleons. I've seen all of these websites selling them, however, I'm wondering if any are reputable. Does anyone have any experience with receiving reptiles in the mail (overnight shipping)? Online...
  13. Lucanidae

    Looking for: Mexi Pings and Dews

    Hi y'all! I'm really interested in growing Mexi Pings and getting more into growing Drosera, and I'm asking for help getting started. If anyone's got any they're wanting to unload, I'll gladly pay shipping. I'm even down with cuttings or leaf pullings or whatevs, not too picky. If you'd...
  14. Lucanidae


    N. maxima x talangensis has been drooling something fierce lately. Getting nice dark coloration as the pitcher gets older. Love it! That waspy thing was living in my tank, and I've spotted a couple in my room. What is this and could it be hurting my plants? Also, I'm not usually scared of...
  15. Lucanidae

    Tips for big nectar spoons?

    So, I received an H. minor "Red" from Ron after the NASC auction. It's producing pitchers close to the size of the ones it came with, but the nectar spoons are TEENY. Like, the size of a teeny ant, as opposed to the size of a small lentil. Currently it is growing under ~5000 lumens of T5 HO...
  16. Lucanidae

    Picture time!

    So! My highland terrarium is no longer a big poopy disgrace. :D Nepenthes maxima x talangensis This pitcher formed entirely in my care :3 Look at all those droplets on the lid! Yummmm :D Heliamphora minor "Red" Thanks Ron! N. rajah H. heterodoxa My very first Nep, N. ventricosa...
  17. Lucanidae

    N. x ventrata for shipping (You get the whole thing)

    Hiya y'all. I recently got a 55 gallon tank for my plants. I've quickly run out of room. As I've emptied my pockets for "fancier" Neps, I've decided that one of my N. x ventrata has got to go. It's got two 8" vines, but no pitchers, as I just recently got good lights, and the poor thing's been...
  18. Lucanidae

    Why do I always draw cool things on scratch paper!?

    All of these are on scrap pieces of paper, urghhhhh. I never think to pull out my sketchbook. I mean, I should probably be working while I'm at work, but, uh, yeah.
  19. Lucanidae

    Art Commission! *Pic heavy* saturniid $20

    For sale is an art commission from moi of your choice. Below are some samples of my work. I work with inks, paint, graphite, watercolor, wax, sculpture, and digital media. My only rule is no bigger than 12x12 inches. Bidding starts at 5 dollars. I'll pay for shipping.
  20. Lucanidae

    Sarracenia leucophylla encaustic (wax) painting Pinguicaphile $20

    Up for auction is an original encaustic piece done by myself. It depicts a flowering S. leucophylla. The piece is about 7.5 x 7.5 inches. (I will update with for sure measurements later). If desired, the winner may contact me about mounting options if they'd rather I prep the piece for hanging...