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  1. byuboy29

    Give Away Colorado CP Growers Meet-up

    Hi all, I am moving to Rochester, New York and I need to unload some of my plants so there are fewer to hide when showing my house and fewer to move across the country. I also have other plant supplies I can get rid of (peat moss, etc.). Others can feel free to bring plants to trade/sell etc...
  2. byuboy29

    Help with in situ sarr site in New Orleans?

    I'm traveling to New Orleans to present research at a meeting June 10-14. I would love to take a half-day break from the meeting to see some sarrs in their native habitat. Does anyone have a favorite spot? Is there a local that could be my ride/guide?
  3. byuboy29

    Nectar Threads

    Does this happen to any other windowsill growers? I think it's pretty cool.
  4. byuboy29

    Male N. ventricosa seeking female

    My N. ventricosa is flowering again and I'd love to cross it with highland/intermediate nepenthes. PM me if interested in a 50/50 seed split.
  5. byuboy29

    P. agnata "ekma" x emarginata (Crissytal $10)

    You are bidding on the plant pictured below. For reference, the pot is 2.5 X 2.5 in. Will be shipped bare root. Opening bid $2. Winner pays $6 for shipping. USA only (my apologies to international growers). PM for shipping information.
  6. byuboy29

    U. warburgii (mattsikra $20)

    You are bidding on a 1X1in plug of what I believe to be U. warburgii (I would love if somebody could confirm this ID for me). The plug will be taken from the pot pictured which is currently flowering. Opening bid $2. Winner pays $6 for shipping. USA only (my apologies to international growers)...
  7. byuboy29

    N. "Splendid Diana" (ellisonk001 $10)

    You are bidding on a rooted cutting of N. "Splendid Diana" aka splendiana. This is a female clone known for its prolific flowering. The mother plant has acclimated to room air in Colorado, vined to the kitchen ceiling, and flowered. The cutting is loosely bagged and has not yet acclimated to...
  8. byuboy29

    Unhappy P. "Pirouette"

    Hi all. The last few leaves on my P. "Pirouette" are a little deformed on the edges. I don't see any obvious pests. The plant is near a south facing window on the tray system with no more than an inch of water at a time. As far as potential pests, I have had these funny tiny black larvae-like...
  9. byuboy29

    Jade Cuttings for Trade/Shipping

    I pruned my jade plant today and have many segments to get rid of (~10-15). I am most interested in VFTs cultivars and terrestrial utrics. I just updated my grow list. If trades are not available I'm happy to send out cuttings for shipping as well. Send me a PM if you're interested.
  10. byuboy29

    Gourd Seed Giveaway

    I recently traded with Thagirion and was sent some extra seeds. Thanks, Thagirion! I don't have space for the plants in my garden and I'm not sure I have appropriate conditions either, so I thought I would offer them back to the community. 1 package luffa seeds 1 package birdhouse gourd seeds...
  11. byuboy29

    D. pulchella flower

    Here's my first pygmy dew and its first flower!
  12. byuboy29

    LF: Fresh, interesting HL pollen

    My N. "Splendid Diana" aka splendiana has it's first flower spike! I am a windowsill nepenthes grower so I am interested in HL pollen. Let me know what you have and I'll decide which I'd like to use. It's not a huge spike, but I may be able to do a few crosses. We could all evenly split portions...
  13. byuboy29

    Drosera seedling care

    I have a large-ish pot of about 30 D. admirabilis seedlings that have germinated. The pot is loosely covered with a bag to preserve humidity and is in my south-facing window. Now that the seedlings have germinated, can I de-bag the pot? Would they be happier outside in the full sun? How...
  14. byuboy29

    No flower 1 yr after flowering

    Hi all, This is my second season with Sarrs and I am very glad I successfully brought them through dormancy. Just one question, the Judith Hindle that came shipped to me with a flower stalk last season has shown no signs of blooming and has sent up a few nice pitchers already, including from a...
  15. byuboy29

    Too late to transplant?

    I got a Red Dragon flytrap from a coworker a few weeks ago. There are two rosettes in the same pot, so I thought I'd take one home for my outdoor mini-bog and leave one for the windowsill at work. Well, I was lazy and didn't divide it and now both rosettes have nice big leaves and are putting up...
  16. byuboy29

    Question about dormancy

    I am new to butterworts and need a little help! I received a P. Titan and P. Pirouette about two months ago. They were dormant when they arrived and I was told to give them their dry dormancy for another month or so. I gradually increased watering and the Pirouette started making carnivorous...
  17. byuboy29

    Nep Seeds for Trade

    Hi all, I recently received seeds from a 50-50 pollen/seed exchange and had more than I needed. They're nothing too special, just N. ventrata X N. ventricosa, but I thought I'd offer anyway. I have a relatively small collection and am interested in trading for VFTs and Sarrs not on my grow...
  18. byuboy29

    byuboy29 Growlist

    Nepenthes: N. ventricosa N. sanguinea N. "Splendid Diana" N. "St. Pacificus" N. tentaculata N. "Red Leopard" N. "Barbarian" N. ampularia "Harlequin Red" N. splendiana xx mixta N. kampotiana N. mirabilis xx kuchingensis Sarracenia: S. "Judith Hindle" S. purpurea ssp. venosa S. leucophylla S...
  19. byuboy29

    Help with Nep pest?

    I just ordered a new N. sanguinea that arrived in somewhat poor condition. There was some mould on one of the pitcher buds and several of the leaves are malformed. Here are a few pictures: I removed the affected pitcher bud and am trying to nurse the plant along. I've never had a pest...