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    Propagation method?

    Trying to propagate some indoor pet friendly plants, zz plants, boston ferns, succulents, etc. Every source I see has a method of leaf/stem cutting and placing them in water to root. Does anyone know if it's faster to propagate in water with rooting hormone and possibly even a mild amount of NPK?
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    Spotted in Fallout 76

    Was exploring the West Virginia wasteland when I spotted one of these at a cranberry bog. Sarracenia x Nephenthes?
  3. Photo_2018-11-14-165011 - Copy.jpg

    Photo_2018-11-14-165011 - Copy.jpg

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    Too much light?

    Hey, is it possible to give VFT and drosera too much light? I acquired this nice LED light that's used for certain other type of plants that people smoke, it's red and blue-ish red and supposed to be 180W of power. Afraid of giving them too much light :-O
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    Sweet spot for VFT/Drosera and Live Sphagnum

    "Sphagnum in California is restricted to perennially saturated soils in bogs and fens — waterlogged sites that depend upon up-welling of perennially cold water. The distribution of each species seems to be relictual in that each of the California species is strongly discontinuous in...
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    Sweet spot for VFT/Drosera and Live Sphagnum

    hcarlton Got a quart sized bag of sphagnum. whole bag bleached within one day in California, at about 90-95F direct sunlight Putting the whole bog in partial shade now, but only a few spot of greens are left. Maybe they just need to be acclimated first.
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    Sweet spot for VFT/Drosera and Live Sphagnum

    Man I'd love to know what condition that is grown in. I love it! Not understanding how a VFT can get so red as it only gets red with high intensity lights, but with high intensity light, the sphagnum starts bleaching.
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    Sweet spot for VFT/Drosera and Live Sphagnum

    I'm in California, so it's bright, sunny, and hot. Now I started experimenting with a bit of live sphagnum outdoor with my little mini bog and it started bleaching. I think that's a sign of too much light or heat. I'm going to try putting it in a shadier area or put some shade cloth over it...
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    Give Away Young D. adelae plants

    1. Qloxwa2 2. Upper
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    Looking For (To Buy) Live Sphagnum outdoor in California

    Whoops, sorry about that. Cleared it :)
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    Looking For (To Buy) Live Sphagnum outdoor in California

    Looking to have some live sphagnum for my outdoor bog, a quart bag worth would be great :)
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    [California] Need some help with growing Drosera and VFT outdoor

    Hey all, I've planted Drosera and VFT in a drained pot that's 12" wide and about 8" tall outdoor in Northern California[SF Bay] receiving maybe 3/4 day of full sun. It's 100% LFSM and it seems that every day the LFSM dries up to the point where the top of completely dry. I have it sitting in...
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    After a decade

    Got a little mini bog going outside, already have some springtails on the sphagnum. Looks like it might be too hot in NorCal to have any live sphagnum growing :/ was excited to see some green but it looks like it's just sphagnum algae
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    After a decade

    Getting back into this hobby after almost a decade. Finished college with multiple degrees, actually having a career, and paid off my student loans. :-D Still can't affording housing in the bay area, but I can probably live in a Nepenthes pitcher in SF for $1500/mo now :jester:
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    Apple Confusion.

    well, i don't see why people need like 10mp camera, that's huge! like big poster size huge. and i have an iphone, and i'm amazed by the quality of the picture compared to at least 4 other phones with higher megapixel, i've even compared it with a blackberry, the picture that an iphone take is...
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    ants overload

    yeah, one of the pitcher has it up to almost the top now, definitely more than half. the new pitcher's like an inch longer and it hasnt even opened yet.
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    ants overload

    so i put my ventricosa and sanguinea outside my house, so i can clean my room. once i was done, there was a line of ants all the way from the first floor coming up and into the 9 pitchers i have. i can't really put the plant back inside my house now because there are ants swarming around and i...
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    Help me identify this bug.[warning, big picture]

    great, i used foggers... twice. it worked for like 4 days, then i notice that i'm starting to get bites again, and i put a little tub of water under the incandesant light, and i do get 1 or 2 every now and then, but ive used foggers like 3 times now, i'm vacumming almost every other days, i'm...
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    Help me identify this bug.[warning, big picture]

    i mean, if they were outside my bedroom, i'd totally go nuts on spraying them with raids, but im not sure if i can use it on my bed and sleep on it after.