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    i cleared my inbox

    i cleared my inbox
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    Free sarracenia seed

    S. leucophylla “Alba Top” - I hand-pollinated between its flowers, but flowers were not protected from cross-pollination with plants that may have been flowering at the same time. 1. SgtSarracenia -so many possibilities. Thanks 2. SerMuncherIV - Thanks! Appreciate the Forrest Gump reference 3...
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    S. leucophylla Seeds

    1. HeliamWalnut thanks! 2. Eithan0693 thank you 3. savagegarden - thanks!
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    Here's a pic...if you're interested in the trade, shoot me an email at joepulka1@gmail.com [img]

    Here's a pic...if you're interested in the trade, shoot me an email at joepulka1@gmail.com [img]
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    Looking for Drosera scorpioides

    Have a few. PM me a pic of the nep and I'll snap one back
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    Nepenthes seed giveaway.

    1. Darlantin - Thank you! 2. rjhaway - great giveaway! 3. aerogrower- Thanks for the chance! 4. NatchGreyes - Thanks! 5. RandyS - Thank you! 6. Daniel - Thanks 7. hcarlton-have a couple things I ought to offer up soon anyway... 8. Cwatson1414- thanks! 9. planturd - thank you 10. vbkid, thanks...
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    Giveaway Cephalotus seed

    1. Subrosa - Excellent giveaway! 2. Axelrod12 - Agreed, great giveaway! 3. Aerogrower - awesome giveaway thanks. 4. David F- Fantastic, do they flower every year for you? 5. Ps3isawesome - pleaseeeeeee RNGezus be on my side. thanks you Jcal 6. NemJones - I think its time for some Australian...
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    Moving give-away

    Pinguicula gigantea 1. ps3isawesome 2. unprofessiona 3. vbkid, thanks for the great chance! 4. Nikki630 -- Pinguicula gigantea shot first 5. PitcherPlantr -Thank you for the opportunity! 6. chch 7. afrodisa -- Thanks 8. DragonsEye --kewl! 9. SerMuncherIV - Thanks, need to expand the ping...
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    Cephalotus giveaway

    1. SerMuncerIV - Holy cr*p, easily one of the best giveaways I've seen! I don't know if I can ever repay this! 2. DragonsEye -- Cool! Tried a plant years ago but it didn't make it. Been wanting to give it another go ... 3. unprofessiona - very generous OFFER 4. PitcherPlantr - Thank you for this...
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    Drosera hookeri Seeds For S.A.S.E.

    unbelievable chance, congrats to all
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    Seed pack for S.A.S.E

    1. JayAustin - very nice! 2. unprofessiona - vft cross sounds cool! 3. patrickntd - Cool! thanks. 4. jimscott Thanx! 5. ZeRoKooL - Very cool! Thanks! 6. David F- Great giveaway sir! 7. SerMuncherIV - Fantastic giveaway, I'll give the S. jonesii seeds back to the community if I win! 8. Darlantin...
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    Drosophyllum seed giveaway

    1. DragonsEye 2. chch 3. aerogrower-very generous of you these will be amazing to who ever wins! 4. jimscott 5. SubRosa - top shelf giveaway! 6. savagegarden - awesome!
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    Pinguicula giveaway

    P. ehlersiae 1. Vermontscott 2. Larguello 3. sflynn- Thanks for the free giveaway! 4. SerMuncherIV 5. ZeRoKooL - Thanks for your generosity! P. agnata "El Lobo" 1. Vermontscott 2. Larguello 3. sflynn- Thanks for the free giveaway! 4. SerMuncherIV 5. ZeRoKooL - Thanks for your generosity! 6...
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    Utricularia macrorhiza for postage

    1.afrodisa - thanks 2. patrickntd - Thanks a lot! 3. Savagegarden, thanks
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    Seed Giveaway

    1. Cthulhu138 - Thanks ! I will be holding a Drosera tuber giveaway as soon as the plants are fully dormant. 2. unprofessiona - looking forward to giving back 3. chch - I'll share some seeds with my CP buddy in a nearby town 4. ZeRoKooL - Thank you! My filiformis is shooting up a flower stalk...
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    D. Hamiltonii

    1. ZeRoKooL - Thanks! 2. Radagast - thank you!! 3. Darlantin - Thanks a lot! 4. SubRosa - Excellent giveaway! 5. Aerogrower.. Thanks nice giveaway. 6. afrodisa - Thanx! 7. NatchGreyes - Thanks! 8. Knuckles - Count me in, Thx! 9. sflynn- Great Giveaway, thank you! 10. Dawlito - Thanks! 11...
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    Thank you giveaway

    A) P. agnata 'True Blue' 1. Knuckles - Thanks wish me luck! 2. 3. B) P. 'Pirouette' (the plant at left hand side) 1. Raiseitup01- Thanks for the opportunity! 2. Pearldiver Thanks! 3. Phynix (Thanks, also from Houston) C) P. 'Apasionada' (the plant at the left bottom corner) 1. Axelrod12-...
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    Seed Giveaway: Drosera burmannii

    1.SnapTrap23: Awesome Giveaway 2. Ngantnier-Been wanting to try this or sesilfolia for a while now thanks! 3.Eyeofheru: Thank you. 4. SFLguy - Thanks for the opportunity! 5.Zerokool - Thank you! 6. savagegarden - thanks!