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  1. SashaM24

    You want free Sarrs? I got (mostly) free Sarrs.

    S. 'Dixie Lace' (this is a monster plant, it is in a 5g bucket and is going to weigh a significant amount. I am asking $15 for shipping this one cause of its size and if it costs less I will refund the difference.) 1. raccoon city S. 'Scarlet Belle 1. ZeRoKooL S. flava x minor 1.Cmm889...
  2. SashaM24


  3. SashaM24

    Hi everyone!!!!!!!! :)

    Welcome to TF!
  4. SashaM24

    Man, these rednecks are taking over.

    welcome to TF!
  5. SashaM24

    got pinguicula??

    I have some P. "frasuer beaut" if you are interested. PM if you are!
  6. SashaM24

    Hello from France

    Welcome to TF!
  7. SashaM24

    Nepenthes tobaica - photo added SashaM24 $35

    Received today! All is well! Thanks!
  8. SashaM24

    N. ventricosa x angasanensis!! VERY rare! SashaM24 $40

    received today in great condition!
  9. SashaM24

    VFT 'Pink Venus' - SashaM24 $30

    Plants received. Thanks a ton!
  10. SashaM24

    A Cephalotus Yu-ghi-oh card!

    Yup, they are on ebay daily when you search for cephs!
  11. SashaM24

    Hey Everyone

  12. SashaM24

    Hello from Tn

    Welcome to TF!
  13. SashaM24

    VFT 'Pink Venus' - SashaM24 $30

    All paid up!
  14. SashaM24


    Welcome to TF!
  15. SashaM24

    Hello from Tampa!