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  1. AzCountryman

    Hello from Az

    All the wet dirt they came with was under that very top layer. After the photo I had used a spray bottle to wet all the dirt. Seems to be pretty damp .
  2. AzCountryman

    I guess I'm back?

    Sounds like a decent collection. Can’t wait to see some of them.
  3. AzCountryman

    Hello from Az

    Hello all, My names Doug. From Vail Az. New to these types of plants but not plants in general. Bought a few plants off of Andrew the other day and he told me about the forum. Seems like a good amount of info. Getting into these plants because hey they are pretty freaking cool…..they eat...
  4. 8ED3E430-20DD-40BF-A86C-AA0C8D37C390.jpeg


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