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  1. richjam1986

    Meadowview is on Amazon Smile!

    amazon smile pitcher by richjam1986, on Flickr Did you know: Meadowview Biological Research Station is registered with Amazon smile (AmazonSmile: You shop. Amazon gives. ) ! If you login and select the charitable organization of your choice through Amazon Smile, then Amazon will donate a...
  2. richjam1986

    Meadowview Biological Research Station Giving Tuesday!

    (We're joining the #givingtuesday movement a bit late, but joining it nonetheless!) IMG_2077 by richjam1986, on Flickr Dear fellow nature lovers and carnivorous plant enthusiasts: Hopefully most of us in this community understand that many of the plants we love to grow are becoming...
  3. richjam1986

    Meadowview CP Social and Open house

    FOR ANYONE PLANNING ON BUYING PLANTS AT THE OPEN HOUSE: We will have SOME plants ready for immediate sale, as well as a few we are auctioning, BUT we are not set up for quick and easy selling of many varieties (they need to be unpotted, divided, cleaned, bagged, etc, for sale). With the number...
  4. richjam1986

    Meadowview CP Social and Open house

    Here's our general plan for the day of the social, subject to change: 10:00 15 minute introduction and orientation 10:15 - 12:00 Plant show and tell (Show off your nice plants!) plant swaps 12-1 lunch and socializing. Cold cuts, sandwiches, vegetable snacks, bring your own drinks 1-2...
  5. richjam1986

    Meadowview CP Social and Open house

    Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, we have to move the date of the CP social and open house to Saturday March 19th. Sorry for the mix-up, but we hope that those who were planning on attending can still make it!
  6. richjam1986

    Meadowview CP Social and Open house

    We will try to have different activities for both those new to CP's as well as long time hobbyists. Obviously, the outdoor plants won't be growing yet.
  7. richjam1986

    Meadowview CP Social and Open house

    We would like to invite any and all who are interested to attend our carnivorous plant social and open house on Saturday March 19th, 2016 at Meadowview Biological Research Station (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DATE HAS CHANGED!) ! Please RSVP on the event listing we have created on Facebook (or, just...
  8. richjam1986


    I wondered where you went! Glad you have returned :)
  9. richjam1986

    Anyone have Heliamphora pollen? Will trade for seed

    Haven't received any concrete offers yet. Anyone else have Heli pollen they may be willing to share?
  10. richjam1986

    nep. shoppin with wife

    As mentioned, some of your species have very different temperature requirements, so if you try to grow them all under the same conditions you are sure to have disappointing results with some of the plants. These temperature requirements are not something they can acclimate out of. You have the...
  11. richjam1986

    Anyone have Heliamphora pollen? Will trade for seed

    Hi all. My H. minor is currently flowering and the flower should open within a week or so. Does anyone have a blooming Heli they can spare some pollen from , or some stored heliamphora pollen? I would love to give Heliamphora seed a try. Or, is there any way to self pollinate? I understand...
  12. richjam1986

    Meadowview prizes

    Last chance to qualify for prizes by donating to Meadowview. ONLY AN HOUR AND A HALF LEFT! Lets help Meadowview out!
  13. richjam1986

    Community Give for Meadowview's Center for Biodiversity

    Hi everyone, if you haven't donated to this cause, there are only TWO HOURS LEFT!!! Meadowview is short of their goal for this fund raising event. Please donate now to help our pitcher plants!!!
  14. richjam1986

    Darlingtonia House April 2014

    Beautifully grown plants! We are working on some Darlingtonia in a highland growth chamber at Meadowview (they don't do well outside here in Virginia), but we don't have anything of that size or caliber.
  15. richjam1986

    Nepenthes Sanguinea

    Maiden: For a large plant, I think 50 bucks is more than fair. Good looking sanguinea's guys :)
  16. richjam1986

    Nevermore's Bog v. 2.0

    Beautiful looking mini-bog :)
  17. richjam1986

    immature minor question

    Sarracenia minor or Heliamphora minor? Is the plant from tissue culture? As I understand it, plants out of tissue culture can show residual effects of the tissue culture process for quite a while (such as dividing a lot). After two years, you think that would have begun to ware off, but I don't...
  18. richjam1986

    A Utah based Carnivorous Plant Society

    I know there are several more members in Utah, and I personally know a couple of Utah CP'ers who aren't on terraforums. The problem is getting their attention.
  19. richjam1986

    A Utah based Carnivorous Plant Society

    I'm a CP'er in Salt Lake City. I also have been interested in some sort of society in Utah for quite a while. I think the main issue for most of us is time, and the inertia needed to just get it started. If anyone comes through salt lake and wants to see what I have, feel free to contact me and...