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  1. trek623

    Pinguicula Aphrodite

    Have a bunch of P. aphrodite to trade. Looking for most anything, either plants or seeds (including non-CPs such as orchids or mesembs). <a href="https://ibb.co/eCNHMQ"><img src="https://preview.ibb.co/mPTDvk/DSC_6828.jpg" alt="DSC_6828" border="0"></a><br /><a target='_blank'...
  2. trek623

    Hello, Sorry, I would've PM'd you, but your box is full. I noticed that you previously had...

    Hello, Sorry, I would've PM'd you, but your box is full. I noticed that you previously had some D. scorpioides gemmae for trade. It might be too late, but I was curious if you still had any that you would be willing to trade? I have a lot of Sarracenia hybrid seed that I harvested this past...
  3. trek623

    Sarracenia Seeds for Gemmae (or other things)

    Hey everyone, I let the bees do their thing last summer in my bog garden and now I have a lot of hybrid sarracenia seed that I'm looking to trade for any species of drosera gemmae. There's no telling what species you'll get - I've attached a few pictures to give you an idea of the plants that...
  4. trek623

    Terraforum's Official 2014 Calendar Contest

    theres a possibility that i'm too late. if thats the case, please feel free to remove my photo from the contest! anyways, heres my entry of one of my pinguiculas munching on a fly....
  5. trek623

    Unlimited Scented Drosera Indica "pale pink flower" SASE+ Seed Giveaway

    Thanks for the seeds!! Just got them sown. :)
  6. trek623

    thanks, inbox should be clear now

    thanks, inbox should be clear now
  7. trek623

    sarrs, neps, dews, and pings for trade

    Sorry for being slow to respond to the PMs. I'll try and get back with everyone ASAP.
  8. trek623

    sarrs, neps, dews, and pings for trade

    Howdy, Haven't been around in a while and I figured I'd see if I could trade some stuff. Here's what I've got. I've misplaced my notes for my sarracenia so I'm not 100% certain what some of the species are. S. Brunswick beauty x something else? Various mixture of S. flava coppertop (please...
  9. trek623

    roseana gemmae

    hey, its late in the season (actually the wrong season altogether), but i've still got a crown or two of roseana gemmae that i haven't harvested. there's probably about 15-25 gemmae or so in the crowns together. i'm mainly looking for drosera scorpioides plants or gemmae, but if no one has...
  10. trek623

    carnivorous plants in the arctic

    i recently arrived back in the states after studying abroad for one semester above the arctic circle in bodø, norway. in late may, once the snow started melting and the plants started coming up, i was pleasantly surprised to see carnivorous plants popping up along with the other plants. most of...
  11. trek623

    Just a Couple Cool Pictures of an Adelae

    Awesome pictures! What kind of camera is that?
  12. trek623

    Couple Lake Badgerup macros

    Looks great! Is the entire potting mix just pure sand? I might have to do that.
  13. trek623

    New Heliamphora Flowers!

    Inbox is cleared now!
  14. trek623

    New Heliamphora Flowers!

    I've got a h. pulchella flowering. I'd definitely be up to exchange pollen with anyone, but I also have no idea of what to do!
  15. trek623

    Drosera paleacea subsp. roseana gemmae

    Its gemmae season again! I've got some extra Drosera paleacea subsp. roseana gemmae to trade and wanted to know if anyone had anything. I'm looking for seeds, gemmae, plants, or cuttings of carnivorous plants and other neat plants. I can send about 20 gemmae. Just send me a PM! EDIT: I...
  16. trek623

    Stapelia hirsuta pictures

    Wow, swords, you seem to have this down to a science. I don't really do much to mine. I plant it in a mix of soil from my backyard, vermiculite, perlite, pea gravel, sand, and some orchid bark. I did grow mine under an umbrella on my back porch that got about 5-6 hours of morning light but...
  17. trek623

    Stapelia hirsuta pictures

    It smells really bad, but you have to be within about 2 feet to smell it. I checked this morning and there are actually maggots on the flower! Last winter I had a really bad problem with mealybugs. I almost lost 3-4 of my succulents to them, but I killed them off and somehow my plants pulled...
  18. trek623

    Stapelia hirsuta pictures

    It seems to have turned a purplish color.