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  1. madrone

    P. gigantea alba x 'Huahuapan'

    Interesting hybrid flower!
  2. madrone

    P. gigantea alba x 'Huahuapan'

    Looks like you have a few clumpers there - well grown! Nice color on the gigantea hybrid. Curious what the flowers look like if you can get a shot of them? They look like a paler Huahuapan color, but do the petals twist at all?
  3. madrone

    Pinguicula fiorii

    Very cool - I don't have many of the cold-temperates, but the ones I do are much-enjoyed. Hope yours overwinters just fine!!
  4. madrone

    For Sale Pings and Utrics - SALE

    Hi there, The outdoor grow season is wrapping up and I have some plants that would love new homes. Maybe you'll see something you like? There's a variety of sizes (prices), colors, shapes - so check it out and shoot me a DM if you have any questions! 2023 CPs - FTC
  5. madrone

    It's about time bluemax posted some photos!

    Those are lovely plants! I'm glad you were able to recover some of these and that your new set-up is sure to be a good home for any replacements. I've always enjoyed seeing your petiolaris pics, and I really appreciate that you've shared what you've tried that hasn't worked and how you've...
  6. madrone

    Pinguicula macroceras Breeding

    I've had both grandiflora and vulgaris pollinated in my outdoor bog (not sure how)- also some OP mexi pings. I did (last year) see a hummer visit a few mexi ping flowers, so that *might* have been the culprit. I'm trying to get better at sowing ping seed, so try and keep an eye out for any...
  7. madrone

    Looking For (To Buy) ISO pygmy Drosera and terrestrial Ultricularia

    Glad to hear it - may your pygmy garden grow wild!
  8. madrone

    Looking For (To Buy) ISO pygmy Drosera and terrestrial Ultricularia

    I have a couple pygmy drosera popping off gemmae: scorpioides roseana paleacea $8/packet of ~15 gemmae + S/H. If you want all three, we'll figure out a discount.
  9. madrone

    For Sale Q) You need more amazing Sarracenia, don't you? A) Yes.

    Love this promo of Fred (and his plants). I have purchased from him in years past and been very impressed!
  10. madrone

    Give Away For Active Members D. scorpioides gemmae - giveaway

    Sorry @PhreekinSundewMan - this giveaway ended on April 3.
  11. madrone

    Give Away For Active Members D. scorpioides gemmae - giveaway

    Wahoo - we have two winners! @Gregbey & @Vbkid I'll send you PMs with shipping options and payment info. I'd love to get these out early this week. So, be ready to pot 'em up!
  12. madrone

    Give Away For Active Members D. scorpioides gemmae - giveaway

    Everyone's a winner so far! @Vbkid - glad to hear the plants you received are doing well!
  13. madrone

    Give Away For Active Members D. scorpioides gemmae - giveaway

    My scorpioides pygmies are producing a lot of gemmae, and I'd like to get these fun dews into other folks' collections. This giveaway is open to TerraForums members who have a USA mailing address and have 25+ posts. I'll split postage with the winners - I should have enough gemmae for ~3...
  14. madrone

    Mexican Ping dormancy

    My experience is they do whatever they feel like. I have two varieties of ping in the same pot, one is full carnivorous, the other succulent as heck. The shifting of phases is what the plant naturally does and I just try and follow its lead. (Trickier if there are two types on the same pot, but...
  15. madrone

    Utricularia humboldtii

    Yes, many thanks for sharing your experiences! Let us know how the fertilizing goes. This summer I am going to try some maxsea on a spare one to see if it makes a difference - but it is in a pot I can flush occasionally, which might be more difficult in an undrained container.
  16. madrone

    Utricularia humboldtii

    Very nice! I love seeing humboldtii traps. How long has that plant been in your vase? I might have to try a bigger 'pot'
  17. madrone

    Amphirion’s Heliamphora ‘Red Mambo’ progression

    Gorgeous plant and photos! Every time I see someone's success with a heli I want to try again. Well done!
  18. madrone

    Utricularia, section Orchidioides - info sharing & discussion

    Wow! Ok, as soon as I have an expanded grow space - I'll be up-potting for sure!
  19. madrone

    Utricularia, section Orchidioides - info sharing & discussion

    @amphirion - that is a stunning specimen! What size is the net pot your alpina is in? I have an alpina that is wildly overdue for repotting - and I know that I will set it back when I do so (as it has grown through so many holes in the net pot). Out of curiosity, how often do you repot? And...