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  1. allegedhuman

    For Trade Trade pygmy drosera gemmae for ???

    Glad you happy sangrocks101! I was aiming to pack for 20 with spares, so I guess my counting is a bit erratic. Was there still enough of the gemmae in the bag that got punctured to still get a good pot started? Or do you want me to send some more of that variety? Other prospective traders- I...
  2. allegedhuman

    For Trade Trade pygmy drosera gemmae for ???

    I have some confused pygmy drosera that are producing gemmae right now I'd like to trade. The varieties are; 1. D. Palacea 2. D. Roseana 3. D. Platystigma Dark Orange I probably will pack about 20 gemmae into a pack. Not sure exactly how many packs I’d have for each species, but I'm looking to...
  3. allegedhuman

    **PAID**(allegedhuman $25) Zebra Pillbugs (Armadillidium maculatum)

    Got them and are looking awesome, thanks!
  4. allegedhuman

    *PAID* 3 hybrid Pinguicula (allegedhuman $20)

    Items received looking great, thanks!
  5. allegedhuman

    3D printer users

    Try checking out libraries. Sounds weird, but there are several public libraries I know of where they have a 3-d printer you can submit your design files to and then pay for the amount of material you used making it.